Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

Poisonous mushrooms contain dangerous toxins that can cause lesions of various organs and systems of the human body until death.Intrigue legs and hats is also in the fact that some of them look almost the same as edible mushrooms.And if the mushroom is difficult to confuse with something else, then, for example, the false estimates of location similar to the "script" as the twin brother.In this article we will talk about the most poisonous mushrooms , growing in Russia.

Grebe pale

"& gt; Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

One of the most dangerous mushrooms, accounting for most poisonings. The cap has a color from almost white to grayish-greenlittle similar to the fungus. Grebe pale often found in deciduous oak and birch forests. Her season - late summer and fall. As a result of poisoning occurs toxic hepatitis, acute heart failure and, in most cases,death.

Amanita smelly

Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

Very similar to all known since childhood mushroom with a red hat, but is white. It grows in coniferous and deciduousfo

rest from June to October.It is a deadly fungus, its use in food leads to kidney damage and liver, and in half the cases - to death on the day of 8-10.

Amanita pantherina

Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

has gray-brown hat, covered with small white flakes.It is also very like his red brother apparently also has hallucinogenic properties, but much more toxic.It is found in coniferous, mixed and deciduous forests, the most actively growing in August and early September.

Galerina bordered

Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

little similar to estimates of location, a tan hat, grows in large groups, mainly on fallen tree trunks, stumps.Season - summer and autumn.It contains the same amatoksiny as pale toadstool.These substances can become a cause of death in 90% of cases of poisoning.

Clitocybe whitish

Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

It can be confused with pleasure and delicious meadow Estimates, but the edible fungus is present bitter almond smell and color of the cap - not bright and brown.Clitocybe growing in many places: in meadows, pastures, forest edges, plantations, parks.Its venom - muscarine.Symptoms appear 15-20 minutes after ingestion, the antidote - atropine.

entoloma poisonous

Poisonous mushrooms: attention, poison!

inexperienced mushroomer may seem similar to the fungus or mushroom. Fortunately, quite rare.Entoloma grows in oak forests and parks, thermophilic.Poisoning occurs within 1-2 hours, his symptoms: pain in the abdomen and head, vomiting, diarrhea.The lethal outcome is possible only in case of use of a large number of fungi.

When dealing with mushrooms, you need to take precautions: any unknown or questionable fruiting bodies ruthlessly discarded.And the determination, some poisonous mushrooms , and which are edible, not rely on people's good omens like the smell or presence of worms - they are not working.

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