Cakes on yogurt with herbs and mushrooms (in the pan)

What else is added to cakes with herbs?

Greens - of course not the only ingredient, although basic.Also cakes add cottage cheese, soft cheese or plain, fungi (such as mushrooms), potatoes, eggs and onions.Of course, not all at once.I made cakes with herbs, cheese and mushrooms, because they are obtained satisfying.

cakes with herbs and mushrooms: fotoretsept

This recipe is only suitable for making tortillas in the pan, as used in the dough without yeast yogurt, in the oven, it just dries.

Making dough for tortillas:

  • 300 g flour;
  • 200 ml of yogurt;
  • 2 tspsugar;
  • 0,5 tspsalt;
  • 0,5 tspbaking powder (or better slaked soda);
  • a little olive oil.
to spill into the cup 300 grams of flour, add sugar, salt and baking powder.Then pour a cup of yogurt and a spoonful of olive oil, knead the dough.Instead of yogurt, you can use hot water (about 150 ml, as the yogurt is thicker than water).If after kneading dough turned out runny, add more flour.I did not need it in the original recipe was given a l
arge amount of flour, but it was enough to 300 g, maybe it depends on the fat content of yogurt - I took 2.5%.

Make the text of the bun, cover with a towel and leave for 20 minutes.

Mixed filling

Cakes with greens recipe

1. Cut mushrooms into small cubes and fry in butter over medium heat.Mushrooms need a little salt.

2. chopped greens: I took a bundle of onions, parsley, dill and a little basil (but to be honest, because of the fennel he no longer felt, so it is unnecessary).Green salad I did not use to cakes because when heated, they become like a gaudy cloth.

3. The cup lay out fried mushrooms, half a pack of cheese, a little soft Greek cheese (Sirtaki), fresh herbs, a little pepper send.All mix well, to cheese and curd were distributed across the greens.

  • can be put in the stuffing and hard grated cheese, although it is rather more suitable for cooking khachapuri the pan.

Cakes with greens recipe

Kata cakes

This amount is enough for me dough into 2 cakes (like a plate).

1. Separating piece of dough the size of a fist (female :))).

2. Roll out of it to get patty around the saucer.

3. spread the stuffing on it, right ramming her tight so that it does not fall apart while you gather the edges cakes in a bag.

4. Putting bag top is well close up and flattened palm cake, and then gently roll out with a rolling pin.

Cakes with greens recipe

5. Heat the pan (do not turn the tile to the maximum, otherwise it will burn).Fry tortillas with both sides in olive oil.First minute with the lid closed, then no lid.

6. on a hot cake can be put grated cheese and sesame.

Cakes with greens recipe

All cakes with herbs ready - bon appetit!

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