Gingerbread board

phrase "printed carrot" on hearing all the sweet tooth, with fans of homemade cakes, as well as those who read Pushkin's fairy tales.Printed gingerbread - is not just a tribute to tradition, and all your favorite goodies and original gift.As such they printed?The answer lies on the surface of the stick!Traditional convex pattern on the printed gingerbread.That's what is needed gingerbread boards - znamennitsa.

Gingerbread board

A popular Russian dainty "carrot" in Russia called honey bread.This magical bread, consisting half of pure honey, could not spoil the whole month and remain fragrant and delicious.Slightly sticky dough before baking molded in special gingerbread boards and received on the surface of a variety of patterns.This tradition is still alive today.

Fit gingerbread boards can be any: from tiny cocks and rabbits to huge stamp cakes that was served to the king's table.In addition to the forms of whole carrots, there are inlaid board.Before baking kit can be cut along the cell boundaries

into individual small gingerbread.Spice of this set in the old days was called "acceleration".They handed out visitors when "it was time to know and honor."

Gingerbread board

gingerbread boards previously produced manually.Skill filigree woodcarvings much appreciated and now, when possible and cut pattern on the machine.Factory boards are cheaper.But the board of handmade differ from their unique designs.Buy the board can be on the Internet, craft products in stores, but you can order a unique board craftsmen even in their sketches.

Make gingerbread plank hardwood birch, beech, pear, lime.Finished board carefully sanded, dried and oiled.Prices of gingerbread planks depends on their size, method of production (manual or machine), on the type of wood and the complexity of the pattern.Small board-form for single gingerbread 15 x 7 cm cost from 500 rubles.Large boards with a fine pattern of 3000 rubles and above.Most recently, the sale began to appear and the plastic molds for cakes.

Gingerbread board

Make gingerbread board itself is quite difficult.Unless you have the rare skills of woodcarving.A particular difficulty is that the figure should be depicted in kontrrelefy because it will mark a convex mirror reflection.

To figure is printed clearly and the dough is not stuck in front of the seal of the board carefully lubricated with oil using a brush.Then the dough tightly squeezed into shape and rolled with a rolling pin.Surplus cut off.To remove the molded cake, if it does not fall out, you need to pick up a little of its edge.Thoroughly clean and lubricate the board can be formed following a carrot.After baking gingerbread coated with glaze cooled.

about how to make a gingerbread house, read rear e smiling.

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