When morels collect and where to find them?

How to find morels?

There are several varieties of morels, but they have common features, studying which you will never confuse morels with any other fungi.

1. The hollow egg-shaped hat.Sometimes it can be more or less spherical.

2. The edges of the cap morel fused with the foot.

3. The color of the cap may be different: brown, yellow-brown, sometimes gray.

4. The surface of the cap morel consists of irregularly shaped cells formed irregular edges.

5. Stipe high, hollow inside, widening at the base.It may be brown or white.

6. The legs have morels are smooth or covered with longitudinal grooves.

When collecting morels - look like morels

So look morels

Morel and gyromitra: what is the difference?

1. Before proceeding to the story about when to collect morels, to talk about how not to confuse these mushrooms with relatives - lines.

2. morel caps and stems almost the same height, a foot longer.In line shortened leg, and often it can not be seen.

3. Morels - mushrooms, hollow inside, and the lines are filled with pulp.

4. And the last difference is due to the time that should be collected morels and lines.The first mature at the end of April, while the latter appear in March.Still, they can be found in the forest at the same time.Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the external differences between these fungi.

When collecting morels - the look of lines

It looks like stitches

When collecting morels - morels and lines

Morels and lines

Where and when to collect morels?

So, morels can be found in the middle or end of April, depending on weather and climate these particular areas.The earliest mushrooms still watery and did not have a bright, rich aroma.Therefore the question when to collect morels, experienced pickers answer: of course, in May!

At this time, morels are strong, the number and size of their markedly increased, and the search for them becomes easier.But most importantly, the mushrooms begin to exude a pleasant, slightly fruity odor.In June, they were mainly waste, but still occasionally come across.

morels grow everywhere: in thickets and forest edges, on the slopes of ravines and meadows, among shrubs and old forest fires.Do not disdain the shriveled mushrooms appear in the city strip - in parks and gardens.

There morels around the globe.They even brought in the United States and Australia.

dangerous to morels?

Are morels poisonous mushrooms?Debatable.They contain a toxin giromitrin.He also is present in the lines, where its concentration, by the way, more.

Giromitrin tends to accumulate in mushrooms.Scientists say that in some areas morels do not contain this toxin.

But it is important to know that giromitrin destroyed by heat treatment of fungi. To avoid poisoning, before use they must be boiled or scalded with boiling water.There morel mushrooms raw impossible!Proper handling and cooking of mushrooms will save you from unwanted consequences.

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