Window to the world, or how to choose curtains

Let's start with the fact that the curtains are different: children and adolescents, male and female, office and home, serious and romantic.

curtains not only decorate your windows and hide you from prying eyes, but also play an important role in interior design.The first thing you pay attention at the entrance to the room - a window.

Windows, their framing, draperies and decor can also fix minor flaws interior visually expand or reduce the space.

Let's talk about, any curtains choose and what will depend on this choice.

popular styles

Classic style originated in the 17th century and remains relevant to this day.Such curtains are different soft lines, flowing perekidy, lambrequins and SMAD.All of this gives the interior a house rigor and monumentality and solemnity and warmth.The classic fabrics are tapestry, jacquard, satin, velvet, velor.Changing fashion colors and modeling features of draperies, but the classic is always popular.

Modern curtains minimalist - it's laconic forms, clean lines, geometric patterns, lack of superfluous decoration and just small details.

For curtains in the high-tech use the latest developments in fabrics and textiles.One can choose fabrics with metal elements or laser punching, various combinations of woven and nonwoven.This style involves the use of geometric shapes that would be ideal for lovers of clear lines.

fusion combines different materials and textures, so there are no restrictions on the use of certain materials, fabrics or combinations thereof.The same applies to the shades.Fusion offers complete freedom for creativity.The only rules to follow - at the same time you can use the 2-3 style, not more.

How to choose curtains:

  • Pay attention to style and some aspects of interior design (wallpaper, color shades);
  • Decide fundamental concept: style curtains - this is not the most important thing.If the windows overlooking the sunny side, better to buy blackout curtains and kompanovat them with light and flying tulle.If the room itself is dark and non-solar - look for bright colors (sand, white, light orange, yellow).
  • Pay attention to the type of room you choose curtains: for the living room and the bedroom you can safely take the curtains to the floor, and the kitchen is better to limit the length of the sill.Multi-layer curtains with lambrequins preferred when you do not need to close the curtains every day.In the nursery curtains should be no additional visyulek and ropes.
  • not forget that the same model of curtains, made in different textiles, may look different.
  • When going to the store to pick up a small piece of wallpaper - so you will not go wrong with a combination of colors.

What else do you need to consider when choosing curtains

  • to wallpaper flowered necessary to choose a plain fabric or cloth, repeating images on the wallpaper, the picture should be the same size.
  • Remember combination of colors , do not choose the curtains the same color as the wallpaper, pink wallpaper and pink curtains - not the best, play with colors.For example, the green color blends well with yellow, and if the room is dark, the light colors and ennoble freshen the room.
  • In certain style interiors should hang just soaked in the style of curtains.
  • Do not take with bright curtains and psevdodetskimi or cartoon drawings - they quickly get bored and start to irritate.
  • aware of the effect of color: red color enhances the appetite, causes aggression and excessive excitement, green - soothes, calms, purple is able to drive a person into depression, orange gives vitality and energy, white or blue relaxes, gives a sense of lightness.
  • naive to believe that the dark tulle securely hide you from indiscreet looks, because when you turn on the light you will be very well seen.Your protection depends on the density of the curtains, in addition, to date, there are a lot of opaque fabric light shades.These curtains will protect from the sun, will create a sound and heat insulation.

tulle width calculation is as follows:

  • fabrics should be taken is 2.5 times greater than the length of the eaves.If
  • very transparent tulle and without a pattern, then hung up 2.5-3 times more.
  • tulle If you need to lay the fold, the ratio is 2.5-3 fold length of the eaves.
  • If tulle with a dense pattern, the ratio ranges from 1.5 to 2.
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