False mushrooms: all features

Honey mushrooms - common name pileate plate fungi, parasites on the trees.False mushrooms - is several kinds of poisonous or inedible mushrooms, which are very similar to those that can be eaten, but poisonous.You must be able to distinguish the false from the edible mushrooms.There are a number of differences, which we describe in more detail.

So, s took a bucket of honey agaric or buy freshly picked mushrooms from the merchants in the market.How to distinguish false from true mushrooms?To do this properly inspect fungi.

False mushrooms


Despite the fact that edible mushrooms vary depending on how much light is in the place where they grow, what there is humidity,in what tree they grew up, all edible honey agarics have special features that allow to distinguish them from non-edible. hat edible Armillaria has a light brown, slightly dull color with small dark scales. color cap false honey agaric much brighter: brick red or gray-yellow.


have edible honey agarics p

late light, cream or yellow-white color. have false honey agaric plate dark - at first they are yellow, and eventually become greenish, then dark green, almost black.


have edible mushrooms is a "skirt" on the leg (Ring). Most false honey agaric ring there, but some fungi have residual signs of rings, although they are inedible.The rule is simple: in doubt - leave the mushroom in the forest.Another feature of false honey agarics - high, 5-10 cm, leg. real forest mushrooms do not grow higher than 4-6 centimeters.


Edible mushrooms smell nice: they bluff a little mushroom flavor, and false mushrooms smell is not very pleasant: they smell earthy, slightly musty.


Generally, it is believed that the poisonous mushrooms taste bitter and sharp.In fact not always.For example, a brick-red mushrooms taste quite normal, some people find these mushrooms conditionally edible and are eaten after appropriate careful handling and a little bitter taste by soaking leaves (as well as for soaking milk mushrooms).So you should still remember that fungi can have a normal flavor, but be poisonous.

False mushrooms

time growing

Edible mushrooms grow all year round (except strong frost periods).The most active growth is observed in the fall of edible honey agarics - from late August to October.Therefore, mushrooms can distinguish the false from the fact that they grow a couple of months in the spring, and then - in the autumn.

reaction on contact with water

If you are unsure how to distinguish false from true mushrooms, then dip the mushrooms in water. poisonous or inedible mushrooms in contact with water will change color: posineyut or turn black.

Good luck to you in the "quiet hunt" and harvesting honey agaric - and good health!

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