Gingerbread rolling pin

Every housewife knows that the appearance of the food is as important as its taste.Therefore, conjuring the kitchen, we aim to decorate the salad with sprigs of greenery and the edge of the cake made into a pigtail.This rule applies even sweets.After all, kids often prefer a beautiful factory goodies than just break the hearts of their mothers.Homemade biscuits and cakes should not only be natural and useful, but also beautiful.To achieve a perfect harmony of taste and appearance is easier if you already have a gingerbread rolling pin.

Gingerbread rolling pin - an essential kitchen utensils, if you want to indulge your beautiful cakes and household waste with a minimum of time to cut figures.Working with a rolling pin gingerbread even easier than with gingerbread boards , because carrots do not have to pull out of shape.On the whole cylindrical surface of the rolling pin carved relief patterns.To get a nice print bakery, 1 enough time to force a ride on the gingerbread dough with a rollin

g pin.The patterns are printed on the surface instantly, like magic!

Gingerbread rolling pin

patterns on the rolling pin can be both continuous - looped and composing - made up of square pieces with different decorative elements.Just cut the dough on the Limits of the cells before baking and received exactly the same size and gingerbread.Most of the dial with a rolling pin as a picture cut out ABC.Such a rolling pin love our young mothers whose babies are just beginning to remember the letters.

Traditionally gingerbread rolling pin made of hardwood: birch, beech, linden.The cost depends on the complexity of the pattern, technology implementation (handmade or machine), and the width of the working surface.Prices of rolling pin in shops starting from 500 rubles.Unique rolling pin, made woodcarver by hand in a single copy will be expensive - from 3,000 rubles and more.But it will last you a lifetime, and an exclusive design you will not find by chance that someone at a party.

Using a rolling pin gingerbread can be done not only cakes but also shortbread.If the pattern spreads during baking, so you need to add to the dough of flour.And do not forget to lubricate the rolling pin rolling out in front of each oil.The dough will not stick, and a clear pattern obtained from the first time.Without a doubt, the children also appreciate the easy and fun way to forming cakes and homemade cookies will become the favorite.

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