How to store potatoes: basic rules

Every housewife asks: "Which way to store potatoes is better"?And not for nothing, because of how the new crop potatoes are preserved (or purchased in store), will depend on its quality throughout the year.Knowing the basic rules of storage of this vegetable can also be significant savings.Because we all know that in the winter potatoes in the markets or in shops in the city is much more expensive.

How to store potatoes: basic rules

First than put potato tubers for storage, their need carefully bust.Entire or damaged disease, rot or insects tubers necessary leave, and spoiled right away. It is necessary, not to become contaminated with the remaining vegetables.

Next potatoes spread loose and leave in this position a day, to be dry. This tubers are arranged so that they are not direct sunlight.Otherwise, in the vegetables produced green spots (SOLONIN).

now time think about what container store potatoes properly . For this can come double-layer paper bags.They have increased strength and allow vegetables pretty long save their useful qualities and freshness.You can also take plastic containers or wooden crates. Before placing roots in containers, you can sprinkle the potatoes chalk to protect the tubers from rotting.After that, the potatoes can be sent to storage.

How to store potatoes : Temperature

to potatoes stayed fresh for a long time and do not spoil, it is extremely important to ensure proper temperature storage.You must know that at a temperature below zero, or, conversely, is too high, the tubers deteriorate rapidly and lose their taste and useful qualities.Therefore it is necessary to comply with optimal thermal conditions: 2 to 5 ° C.

Store potatoes winter necessary in suitable for this place. They can be warmed loggia, a cellar or a spare room (if is have in the house). In any case, before you put there potato stocks, room should be prepared: dry, ventilate and whiten lime solution.Quicklime will help avoid in your repository mold.

How to store potatoes

When buying early oosenyu new potatoes, want to save some time, need put roots in a small paper bag.In no case do not store the new potatoes in the light, as it leads to formation of toxic substances.Therefore, an ideal location for storage of the product - a refrigerator. storage time of young tubers potatoes in the refrigerator - 2 weeks. In no case procuring new potatoes for the future, it unsuitable for long-term storage!

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