Fungal places where fungi lurk?


occurs everywhere, but find it is not so easy - that is the mystery of the royal mushroom.Search porcini mushrooms can be in coniferous and deciduous forests, but the older the trees and above the crown, the more chances mushroom.They love bright white mushrooms dry glade fern, pine forest.Growing mainly under the birches, oaks, firs, pines, hornbeams, beeches.For more information about the white mushrooms you can read HERE .


Under what tree aspen look, it is clear from their names, but there they are next to other deciduous trees: birch and oak trees.Low grass and moist soil - this is the right place for this fungus.


Most brown cap boletus growing in sparse and young birch, located on a hill.There, where mushrooms grow -podberezoviki, bright and spacious.Older birch better not cut, since they are basically wormy, especially when it rains.Season spread - from summer to late autumn.

Where to collect mushrooms

Species milk mushrooms in abundance.But the r

eal, classic, considered to be wet Lactarius.These mushrooms grow in deciduous and mixed forests.Grow mushrooms on dry slopes and in a shady hollows.Most mushrooms are hiding under the dry grass and old leaves, so take a stick and check all the little bumps.If you find one, look for a close yet, mushrooms never grow alone.


Luteus - children pine forests and sandy soils.Their season - spring, early summer to late autumn, that is, from May to November.Also usually grow in large families.

Chanterelles Chanterelles often grow in the undergrowth of ferns, nizinkah and slopes in coniferous and mixed forests (in particular where there is aspen).But as chanterelles can grow in bright forest clearings near the stumps, mossy.Chanterelles always grow large families, if you find a single mushroom - be careful, maybe it false chanterelle .Season - July and August.

estimates of location

Honey mushrooms growing on stumps, fallen trees, old trunks.Their main distinguishing feature - a large crowding.Mushrooms, though small in themselves, but grow just huge groups.To gather up them, do not need to run on the forest frequently from one place, you can cut a whole bucket of honey agaric.There are up to the frost.

you found mushroom places is good to remember, because after a while on the ground or cut your milk mushrooms aspen mushrooms grow new forest handsome.And one has only to make a few successful forays into the forest, and the question, where to pick mushrooms , will not be so sharp for you.The most important thing in this business - practice and more practice.

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