Get rid of scale folk remedies - easy!

What scum

Scale - it's hard salt deposits formed by boiling water.The harder the water - the more plaque.To heat the cookware, the affected scum need more electricity or gas, asThis coating has a low thermal conductivity.How many dishes thrown out because of the scale of it is worn for just a few months!

Get rid of scale folk remedies

Novice mistress may try to remove the scum mechanically, using a brush.But so easy to damage the dishes, remove the hated than plaque.

not necessarily run to the store for the latest remedy scale on the teapot .Many of them contain acids which adversely affect most surfaces.Our mothers and grandmothers knew, how to remove the scum quickly and easily.

  1. most popular method involves the use of citric acid .Pour two bags in cold water and boil. can also be used to cut a piece of lemon peel or washed from potatoes, apples or pears.Put them in a bowl, which should be cleaned, cover with cold water and boil a few times.

  2. Another easy way - vinegar diluted in wa
    ter and boil the solution in a dish with scale
    .Vinegar mixed with water at a ratio of 2 teaspoons per liter of water.If you use vinegar, you will need 3-5 tablespoons per liter.
  3. If your home has a bottle of soda like "Coca-Cola" or "SpriteĀ» , you can not drink it, and be used to clean dishes from scale.Simply pour pop the kettle and boil, then pour into the sink.

  4. most thrifty housewives can descale using powder containing alkali , for example, "Trisodium phosphate" (composition reminiscent of the Soviet powder "trisodium").It is used in washing, dishwashing, and including the removal of scale from various surfaces.Dissolve 20-40 g of the powder in water and boil a pan of scum during 1-2 hours.

  5. If you need to remove the scum from the copper kettle, use caustic soda solution in a proportion of 10 g per liter of water.

Whichever method you use, wash thoroughly after treatment the dishes.And that scum did not bother you more, be careful what kind of water you use.Try to cook on a clean bottled water or buy a good filter.

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