Christmas gingerbread houses

Historically gingerbread house has no relation to the Christian Christmas.The prototype of the modern stick was invented in ancient Rome, the pagan era.On holidays, the Romans baked honey cakes and glued are houses for their gods.But with the advent of Christianity have forgotten about this tradition as much as much as 1,800 years!

explosion in popularity gingerbread houses occurred in Germany in 1812.It was then that was first published by the Brothers Grimm fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel."In the story of an evil witch lived in the forest gingerbread house , his sweet tiles and caught the children.But all ended, as usual, good.

Since here 2 centuries, almost every European family bakes Christmas gingerbread house to decorate a festive table in the New Year week.Gingerbread house became a separate theme for the Christmas fairs and competitions.Young and old, professionals and amateurs baked sweet houses and decorate them with frosting, caramel, marzipan and other sweets.

Worldwide Christmas gingerbread baked whole city.

secret of fabulous success of this tradition, probably lies in the fact that properly cooked house not only pleases the eye, but also for 3 weeks is a delicious treat.Smart gingerbread house instead of plastic Santa Claus will make a great ensemble with gingerbread instead of toys.And decorating a Christmas tree with sweets are not only fashionable, but also environmentally friendly and practical.Delicious holiday decorations not be broken, and not hurt anyone by their fragments.

Make Christmas gingerbread house easy, but it takes a lot of preparation time.Therefore, pre-select the day, and perhaps 2: Some recipes require the dough was left standing overnight.Templates for details gingerbread house can be found on the Internet and print, or by the design model.Joint construction of a gingerbread house could not be better integrates the entire family and creates an extraordinary festive atmosphere.

decorating gingerbread house, boldly embody all their delicious fantasy.A bit of food coloring in the glaze to add color lodge.Caramel can be a great rooster weathervane.Arrange and space near the house.To do this, fit a few gingerbread Christmas trees or even living tree branches.

In Russia, where gingerbread houses appeared recently, also had its "gingerbread" tradition carved printed gingerbread, made with the help of gingerbread planks and gingerbread skalok.

If you can not come up with for someone a gift for Christmas or New Year - gingerbread house or made with their own hands the print carrot can be a great solution.If you feel like approaching the Christmas spirit, then, without a doubt, it dwell in your gingerbread house.

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