How to get rid of the smell of shoes?

If your shoes smell is not roses for the start Understand why odor: the smell of the material from which made shoes, or sweat.

How to get rid of the smell of shoes, new shoes

If unpleasant smell newly purchased shoes - it's the smell of new shoes.In order to get rid of it, first just ventilate the shoes within 2 - 3 days (for example, on the balcony).If this does not help, you can use special deodorant for shoes, it is sold in all shoe stores.Just treat them inside the shoes and dry well.

You can use regular baking soda or sea salt.They perfectly eliminates odors.Leave shoes strewn in her soda or salt on the night and in the morning Pour the contents and remove small pieces of broom or vacuum cleaner.Be careful when using this method on a dark shoes: soda and salt can stain it.It is better to use it for light shoes.For the same dark suit pounded charcoal.

You can also wipe the shoes inside with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate solution or ammo


Textile shoe perfect washing machine and powder without bleach (if you do not want to use the washing machine because they fear damage to the shoe or drum, use the dishwasher).

I know sweet smell of ... shoes

your old favorite shoes or boots ... You no longer wear them, but they should spend a couple of hours, take off one's shoesIt becomes uncomfortable because of the smell of sweat.Throwing?It's a pity.Wear?It's a shame ... You can get rid of the smell of shoes that carry a long time, and again happy to wear it (and with the same pleasure to shoot).

Firstly, you can Spanish Use This Criterion all of the above methods to eliminate odor from new shoes.But apart from them, you should still apply the "heavy artillery".Before wash, clean their shoes, remove them from the insole.You will see the cardboard insole or insole of polyurethane or any other artificial material.From her need to get rid of.Insert insole made of natural material. They are sold in any shoe store.Glued do not need - glue also has a smell.Insole itself "lies" in a couple of tight d her socks.

are now being accepted for the shoes themselves.If the case is entirely neglected (for example, you are saving your running shoes) - pour into the shoes of hydrogen peroxide, giving her a little "poshipet", remove with a cotton swab and re-fill it until it is almost no longer a "bubble".Good help from the smell of alcohol-based liquid: after washed peroxide wipe 2 - 3 times inside shoes swab moistened with alcohol or vodka.If vodka is not (or feel sorry for her to spend on shoes), use ammonia.

After treatments (before investing in new shoe insole) Always test the shoes in a well-ventilated area for at least 12 hours.If the smell remains, repeat the procedure.After the second smell exactly to go.

Preventive measures

order to prevent the emergence of odor from shoes , follow these simple rules:

  • always dry your wet shoes (use special Electric driers or at least crushedsheets of paper that soak up moisture inside the shoe);
  • never wear shoes, if she did not have time to dry out;
  • store shoes in a well-ventilated place;
  • follow basic rules of hygiene legs.
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