How to choose the dishes

safe and chemically resistant - enamelware, which can be used for cooking and storage of various products, it is also excellent for pickling vegetables.Even such dishes can be used for soups.

enamelware can only be used if the enamel is not damaged, otherwise begin corrosion due to moisture in the "bare" metal.


1. In aluminum cookware can not cook spicy and sour dishes, storing food in it, otherwise the food will get aluminum salts, which are very harmful to the human body.

2. Many people prefer to buy stainless steel dishes , as it is resistant to external influences and not subject to oxidation, as it saves while cooking all the nutrients.For such there is a lack of utensils - it contains nickel, which is why you should not use it often.

3. Cast iron cookware , which did not immediately heats and cools, excellent for quenching.She also resistant to overcooking.

4. Teflon cookware - also a good option for frying.And not necessarily to pour oil into it - the food does not stick.To p

revent damage to the Teflon cookware, it is necessary to use plastic or wooden blades and wash it only with a soft cloth.

5. In glassware can be prepared and it is serving food on the table.It retains heat well, it is environmentally friendly.

When choosing pots and pans you need to pay special attention to the thickness of the material.Thin metal can be deformed during heating and cooling, so it is best to buy the dishes, whose walls are not less than 2 mm.

Cheap models are covered with Teflon cookware poor poor quality paint that fades, and then quickly fade.

Pots and pans with plastic handles are suitable for electric stoves;on the gas because of the heat they give off an unpleasant odor.

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