How to deduce grease stain from clothing?

As is sometimes disappointing and sad when your favorite clothes appeared greasy spot.Sometimes this kind of thing can quickly wash out, it all depends on the very fabric of time and location of spots on the material.And in some cases, to withdraw grease stain from clothing, need dry cleaning.

course, to solve this problem is quite simple.Household chemicals in this case there is a wide range of modern and effective stain removers.However, you can not always arrange their value, especially as the need for the use of this drug occurs infrequently.Of course, if the financial opportunities allow, you can buy and shops stain remover.But in this case, not to be mistaken with a choice, you have to buy tools known manufacturers.

Well, in this article we consider another approach to solving this burning question.

How to deduce grease stain from clothing traditional methods?

If you "put" grease stain on her dress at home, for example, during a meal, you should immediately run into the bath and

washed off the stain soap. It copes with such troubles.However, this method has a drawback: it works only if the stain on clothes fresh and has not had time to dry.

A similar effect can be obtained after the use of certain detergents for dishes funds. And many women were able to bring in this way, even old, stuffy grease.

Starch wonderful absorbs and removes fat.And if it is right at your fingertips, and remove the injured outfit there is no way to bring it grease stain from clothing possible with a cloth.For this we need to pour a handful of single-layer napkin starch, and then put it on the spot.Thus a considerable amount of fat is removed from the soiled clothes.

Table salt also helps in the fight against fresh oil stains.Pour it on the stain and rub a little.The procedure should be repeated, replacing the salt to another, fresh.

How to withdraw inveterate grease stain from clothing?

chance to get rid of fat ingrained small.But do not despair, as there are some techniques that are sure to help you.

You will need: ammonia (a few drops) to be diluted in a little cold water.The resulting composition, try to handle grease spot.In most cases this is the most effective method.

The same structure can be impregnated with the surface of the fat stain and leave in this way for a while.Then rinse with warm water.

Gasoline - a great helper against chronic spots.Take the paper getting wet and soaked it with gasoline.Then it puts a spot at the wrong side stained clothing.On the front side you must rub the spot, while the direction of movement should be from the edge to the center.Following the manipulation cleaning clothes need washing.

Finally, try to get rid of grease stains using stain remover. One last piece of advice: the sooner you prefer STAIN - any and fatty including, the better the result.

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