Terms of care for leather shoes

to leather shoes last longer and pleasing to the eye, you need to properly take care of it.These are the basic and important rules to follow that, you can be sure of his booted feet.

Caring for leather shoes : cleaning and washing

So, shoe care autumn and at any other time of the year primarily involves the removal of any dirt.It is clear that the fall of this problem is particularly acute.It is important to wash your boots or shoes not before going out, frantically trying to wash away the clods of hot water and immediately after coming home, when the mud has not had time to dry.

First you need to try to rid the shoes from the obvious and stubborn dirt with a soft dry sponge .Then you can proceed to step wet cleaning.The same sponge or soft cloth otrez necessary to moisten and warm water (not hot, because it damages the skin), squeeze out excess liquid and gently wash away the dirt.All you need to do quickly.And another important point Footwear autumn or other "dirty" season

: should be wiped dry after washing boots with a soft cloth (such as flannel).Shoes cleaned, go ahead.

Drying leather shoes

Another important step care for leather shoes - drying it.If leather shoes heavily soaked, they must be thoroughly dry.Some decide to speed up the drying process and to cheat, exposing the shoes on the battery or near a heater.But it is a mistake that will make your skin soft, rough and hard, and finally kill her (shoes just exfoliate).What to do?Nothing, just put the shoes on the shelf, so that it dry out at room temperature and normal humidity.If wet boots much, so that they do not lose their shape and form, need to fill their newspaper (better change it periodically).

Dried shoes can be treated, for example, water-repellent.


Caring for leather shoes also implies proper storage.But what is so tough?In fact, nothing but follow some of the recommendations would be superfluous.In general, you can divide the long-term storage and everyday.The latter is appropriate in seasonal wear and means "downtime" shoes from the moment you arrive home until the exit to the street.

After each parish shoes to get rid of dirt and dry.You should also handle it after drying cream.But long be called boots storage boxes from season to season.Before such reference shoes also need to wash, dry and treat with a cream. but inside you need to put crumpled newspaper or wool (the material must maintain its volume in order to provide support) to shoes or boots do not lose shape.Store boxes of shoes must in a room with normal humidity and temperature and without sharp odors.

Finally, wear shoes suitable for the occasion: shoe heels, not only out of place for a walk along the beach, they certainly have to throw after such a "test".

Means for care of leather shoes

In stores there are many different creams and other products for shoes.What components should be contained in them and what they need?We talk:

  • wax protects the skin from moisture and adds shine shoes or boots;
  • fats and oils nourish the skin and make it soft (yes, the shoe is also needed);
  • silicon provides an additional protective layer, and makes cleaning easier;
  • colorants mask worn and update the color of shoes;
  • ftorokarbonovye resins do not allow the liquid to penetrate the skin (in this case it is not clogged);
  • active builders remove stubborn dirt;
  • solvents clean the skin.

Let your leather shoes pleases you and is a long time.And if you follow all the rules - you are sure it will.

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