How to sterilize the jars in the microwave

Sterilizing jars - initial and perhaps the most important step in any process of preservation.After all, no matter how wonderful the recipe you choose, no matter how high-quality products or used - properly sterilized jars will bring all your work to nothing.

only correct sterilized jars and lids allows you to destroy all the microorganisms to keep your canned food tasty and healthy for a long time.

There are many ways to sterilize jars : in boiling water, oven, couple.Today let's talk about, how to sterilize jars in the microwave, because it is fast, simple and very convenient, and the microwave is now in every home.

Sterilization of empty jars in the microwave

1. Before starting the process sterilizing jars in the microwave, need to be prepared.To do this, you need to thoroughly wash the cans of soda.Check the integrity of the cans: no cracks, chips (especially on the neck) - you do not want to burst the banks?

2. Now place the jars in the microwave, after

pouring each of them a little (30 - 40 ml or layer 1 - 1,5 cm) of water.Small banks (600 - 800 ml) can be sterilized 3 - 5 cans together, the greater (2 or 3 l) - 1, while put a jar of water on the side.But remember: the more you put cans in the microwave, the more time they need to be sterilized.

3. To sterilize the jars in a microwave oven, choose power 800 - 100 W and turn for a few minutes.Water must boil at banks, after which they must be sterilized about 3 - 5 minutes.They are sterilized by steam, which is formed from water and the microwaves that destroy many microorganisms.

4. Keep in mind that the lid of the cans can not be sterilized in the microwave oven (as metal products should not be exposed to heat in the microwave) - they need to boil in a saucepan for 15 - 17 minutes.

How sterilized jars in the microwave unless they are already filled

in the microwave to sterilize the permissible and already filled with fruits or vegetables banks.

1. Before putting the sterilized jars, pour the marinade over them syrup or somewhere in the third, and the lids do not close (You can close glass lids).

2. Evenly arrange the cans on the rotating surface of the microwave oven (if they are in the process of sterilization will rattle and jerky, it means they are uneven and you need to open the oven and rearrange them: the rotation should take place without a hitch).

3. Turn on the microwave and when the liquid comes to a boil, sterilize jars 2 - 3 minutes.Then, remove the jars from the microwave and pour boiling marinade them or syrup and immediately cover with lid or roll up.

4. Place the jars upside down on a towel, flip, and when they have cooled completely, store them.

main advantages sterilizing jars in the microwave - is simplicity and speed of such sterilization, as well as what can be sterilized several cans. This is stored in your kitchen normal climate - in the air does not rise clubs hot steam, because of which the hot, damp, hard to breathe and difficult to see.On top of this sterilization method substantially saves energy.

Sterilizing jars in the microwave - a good support in the season harvesting cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms and other pickles.

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