Way to clean gold at home

Many women, and men too, are some of the decorations, almost without taking off.Favorite earrings, a chain with a cross, or a talisman, and, of course, wedding rings from constant wear contaminated.On the surface, the gold does not form oxides as silver or brass Melchior, but organic and dirt stuck fast in relief detail, grooves and filigree elements.Decoration is starting to look quite messy and can lose form.

How can I clean the gold home?

easiest way - soak overnight in a concentrated detergent for dishes or pour the glass cleaner.In the morning it will be enough to clean the recess with a soft brush, rinse with water and dry.

Way to clean gold at home

Good cleans the surface of gold products gel toothpaste.It is necessary to spread the paste jewelery and wrap for several hours in a moist cloth.Then rinse with warm water and dry.

Excellent pure gold jewelery mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, and the higher the concentration of the solution - the better the effect.Still it works well peroxide soluti

on and ammonia on heating, but this can not be done without a powerful ventilation: ammonia vapors are poisonous.

Very convenient pure gold at home , if available ultrasound device for washing (such as "Retona").Products are simply placed together with a source of ultrasound in the detergent for 30-40 minutes.This method allows you to remove even long-standing pollution from the smallest grooves and cracks on the product.

Another easy way - buy in a jewelry store a special cloth for cleaning jewelry and use it.These wipes also slightly polished surface, restoring shine.

What you should not

  • pure gold white toothpaste or tooth powder.These substances are hammered into small holes and grooves, where they are very difficult to remove.Instead of cleaning, you can only make matters worse.
  • boil in a solution of soap - for the same reason.
  • Sand scratched the surface of the GOI paste or the like: grinding paste remove the top layer, and eventually the product will lose some of its weight, and the relief on the surface can completely erase.
  • not clean the gold articles with inlays of natural pearl, opal, coral and turquoise in the solutions of ammonia or soap: these stones can not tolerate such aggressive substances, may fade, change color or completely destroyed.
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