Appliances: Shopping Tips

How often do you buy appliances?At least once a year you have a need for a new assistant, whether it is a food processor or a new washing machine.Unfortunately, gone are the days when technology has served ten years: the expansion of functions, implementation of "smart" technologies, savings on materials in order to reduce prices - all this leads to the fact that the life varies up to 2 years in small devices up to 7years on the large appliances.And the prices are increasing at the same time!

What are the reasons, and what solutions are available?

Let's go in order.Turning to advertising, it would be logical to argue - prices are falling, prices everywhere!But in fact the prices are reduced for a reason for this may be hiding a few options:

1. Neutral:

  • Often, when profit falls at the store or it is about to close, especially the owners reduce the cost for the entire range in the hope to return spent oncommodity money.
  • for complex technology there is the problem of "aging" of technology (eg, co
    mputer), in which case the price is reduced for products with weak performance.
  • discount stores.It may be neutral - crumpled packaging, scratches on the body, and can be negative - of damage from falling, breaking the individual parts, affecting performance.
  • product with "windows".Exhibit samples perforce suffer from external influence - here and the dust and scratches from frequent viewing.

2. Negative:

  • substitution of certain parts cheaper.This often occurs in large stores, as well as popular models.The "stuffing" is not replaced on the basic parameters (laptops - the amount of memory, RAM), and on a smaller (ports, cables).This does not affect the type of product, but reduces its functionality and performance.The harvesters, for example, replace metal parts, plastic nozzle, which quickly erased at high power.
  • Instead, a new product from the conveyor is already selling refurbished items.To the naked eye it is almost impossible to notice.However, the seller is legally obliged to indicate the price tag goods / used or new, but the Internet provides a wealth of evidence of the reverse situation.

the above, what methods are used to reduce the price of the goods, but many vendors have learned to increase the price due to the "voluntary-compulsory" services.Among them are the following: the delivery of goods, the rise of large-size equipment in the apartment, additional services, removal of old equipment, accessories, assembly and installation, and so on. D. If these items are more or less clear, an additional guarantee - the service is relatively new and there was arelatively recently, but has acquired a mass of rumors and comments.So what it represents both the domestic as well as at the legislative level.

Services provided at an additional guarantee (conditional on a "certificate store") varies depending on the store, but most often it is:

  • Normal wear.That is not only subject to repair a manufacturing defect, but also domestic problems "from your hand" (ingress of water, broken wires, short-circuit).
  • service at home.Technician will come to your home, and large equipment, if necessary, a special service will make the repair and will remove by store.
  • Prevention.From time to time, or, if necessary, you can call an employee of the company for cleaning equipment, lubrication of parts, bolts, and so strengthening. D.
  • Owner.Some offer the service of renewal of a certificate when re-selling equipment or transfer it to other persons.
  • Removing and reinstalling.If the equipment (often large size) required to send to the service center, the repair for the return of its sure to set again without requiring additional payments.
  • insurance policy.The cost of additional security including insurance, providing for financial compensation for repairs.

Validity "certificate store" covers 1, 2, 3 years.And like seemingly everything is so good, what's the catch?As vendors make money on it?Unfortunately, the answer is simple - they use shortsightedness customers, and sometimes a lack of time to study the conditions of the guarantees.In practice, this results in a zero-impact costs, and sometimes with negative consequences.To keep out of money you need to know a few essential points:

  1. Act already has a guarantee on any technique.It lasts for one or two years, depending on the product and its configuration.This manufacturer also provides a guarantee.If the first is counted from the date of purchase, the second with the production date and, as a rule, longer legal.Check the date of release of the goods can be on the packaging or on the back of the product.
  2. extended warranty is a voluntary agreement between the purchaser and the shop.Warranty directly regulated by the Law on Consumer Protection.
  3. By factory warranty may be replaced with a comparable product for a certain time in case of impossibility of repair, explicit marriage, long-term repair and so on.. But you have to be careful!Sophisticated technology, such as laptops, are excluded from this list by Government.
  4. Even if the warranty period is over, it is possible warranty if a defect is associated with a defect in the product assembly factory or substandard parts.
  5. list of repairs and maintenance is narrower than in the extended warranty.

Thus the feasibility of purchasing an additional warranty depends on the type of equipment (coffee machines break down much less than the food processors), the potential for repair (washing machines in recent years, "flying" one after another, while the microwave show stable operation overseveral years), the cost of parts when repairs are required (refrigerated cooling system replacement costs are significantly more expensive than a conventional oven - the heating element).

Be careful:

  • Carefully check to the manufacturer on the price tag on the box of the product.
  • Note the basic parameters and characteristics.
  • cost of additional guarantee varies according to the price of the product and is approximately 20% with a "certificate store" for a year, 10% and 5% - two and three years respectively.
  • The term "certificate store" must start from the expiry of the basic warranty period, otherwise you will pay twice for what has been given to you by law for free.
  • extended warranty - a voluntary thing, the seller has no right to force you to purchase the service.Even if he appeals to a change in value of the goods (for example, the price of the shares is valid only when purchasing extra. Service), lack of maintenance and other negative consequences of failure - safely call me a manager or administrator.The problem is that the sales assistants require "offer" service in all possible ways.
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