Autumn mushrooms

estimates of location - a common name for fungi, parasites on the trunks and stumps of forest trees.Among them are edible and those that food is better not to use.Before you go into the woods for mushrooms, we advise to read our article to learn how to distinguish between tasty and healthy autumn mushrooms from inedible mushrooms-twins.

honey agaric summer

Summer honey agaric growing large families from mid-April to November and on decaying stumps and fallen trees.The hat he has a color from yellow-brown in youth to tan in their old age.The plates under the bonnet whitish young mushrooms, and rusty-brown in old.Leg light brown, darkening the bottom, there is a ring on it.Honey agaric summer looks like a honey agaric autumn, but somewhat larger.This mushroom is edible, but not as tasty and fragrant as honey agaric autumn.

There are also summer meadow mushrooms.About any loose grow in the meadows and glades, their trunks are longer than their counterparts growing in the forest, an

d the cap plate and they also larger.

honey agaric autumn

not only edible, but delicious, beautiful and fragrant, honey agaric autumn looks like this: young mushroom gray hat, white plate and nice smelling white flesh.Leg top light brown, dark bottom.With age, the fungus begins to turn yellow.

this fungus grows in large groups on the stumps, fallen tree trunks and live (mainly birch), as well as the roots, sometimes taken in nettles.You can find it at the end of August until late autumn.Young mushrooms spherical cap, and the older the mushroom, the more noticeable bulge in the center of the cap.

false estimates of location

Edible mushrooms are inedible counterparts, many of them quite dangerous.Poison double Armillaria autumn differs from it in the first place, there is no ring on the stem, and the bright yellow cap and foot, with no cap on the characteristic honey agaric edible flakes.

Autumn mushrooms

Autumn mushrooms look a lot less smart than their relatives inedible.In addition, false mushrooms not smell fresh mycelium and musty, the ground, and when released into the water starting to change color: duck, turning blue, green.Another feature - color plates: summer and autumn mushrooms have a light cream plates, while at the false and inedible mushrooms are dark or yellow, the color of sulfur.

collecting mushrooms should be very careful: in addition to the edible Armillaria autumn on the same stump or tree trunk can grow and other inedible mushrooms.

using your autumn mushrooms

Autumn mushrooms assigned to category IV of edible mushrooms, although the taste and flavor and calorie content, they do not concede, for example, birch.Autumn mushrooms consumed in boiled, stewed and fried (with them make soups, pies, fried snacks ), and canned for example, marinate them for the winter.These fungi on any table will come to the place as an independent snack or as part of vegetables, meat dishes, soups and salads.

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