How to roll up the banks

long been known that in canned foods vitamins are preserved better than in thermally processed (roasted, boiled).For comparison: in canned peas is retained 75% of vitamin C, and boiled - only by 54%.Preserved in many families has become a tradition of the old recipes often pass from generation to generation.For the results of conservation please you, it is necessary not only to properly prepare the food and utensils, but also know, how to roll up the banks.

Step 1. Preparation

When canning of fruits and vegetables should be selected fresh and quality fruit.Preserving jars should be clean and dry, used knives - stainless steel.It is also important, what will be the dishes, with the help of which the preservation: it must be clean and enamel.It is necessary to prepare the capacity to accommodate delicacies or fruit: a half-liter, liter, 2-liter or 3-liter cans (do not forget that at the mouth of cans must be a standard to cover approached).Also required standard metal lid, tongs for removin

g lids from hot water and machine-rolling.

Step 2. Sterilizing jars

Prepare the vegetables, fruits and mushrooms for a particular recipe canning.Next, proceed to the sterilization.

The kettle pour 1/5 of the water, wait until the water boils.We put on a jar neck down to the tea (if the bank's small size, it can be put on the spout).After the time needed for sterilization banks elapses (from 10 to 20 minutes), remove the jar using tacks and put neck down on a clean towel.Bank not to move until use.

Banks can also be sterilized in the microwave , oven or double boiler.

Step 3: Sterilization covers

To know, how to roll with the banks conservation need to be able to properly sterilize the lid, otherwise all your hard work will come to nothing.In a saucepan put the cap, fill with water, boil for 5 minutes before rolling up the banks take out the cover tongs, put the lid on the jar.

Step 4. roll up the banks

That's a decisive moment, when necessary knowledge about, both banks to roll correctly.When seaming cans use a special machine.

mainly used two types of machines for seaming. Type 1 machines placed on the lid and turn the knob clockwise to the machine as long as the process does not go easily.Of course, when using this type of machine you need to make some effort to tighten the cap.You also need to carry out the procedure carefully and gently-rolling to the bank is not slipped.Recommended roll banks together, that one man could keep the jar with a towel, and 2nd - to roll up the cover.When using this type of machine, remember that to be a twist to untwist the knob counterclockwise in order to put the stop to its original position.

Type 2 -rolling machines easier to use.Such machines consist of a base and cover for securing two handles, which are levers for compressing walls of the lid and the sealed jars seaming.We put the lid on the jar lid further adjusts the machine with raised hands, then drop the pen down firmly.

After seaming the banks put on a towel or blanket cover down on top and cover with a blanket.After cooling, the banks should be moved to a cool dark place (such as a cellar or basement).

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