Mattress: how to choose

In addition, the mattress support while sleeping our spine, a condition which affects all organs and systems of the body - the spine.Modern orthopedic spring mattresses and repeat the shape of the body and ensure its correct position during sleep, and therefore, the proper functioning of all organs and normal blood circulation.

during sleep spine should be perfectly straight, and this is what sent numerous scientific developments, seeking to create the perfect mattress.There are mattresses, divided into seven sections, allowing the most efficient to distribute the load on the sleeping surface and avoid curvature of the spine during sleep.

Choosing a mattress - it is responsible.A bad mattress can cause sciatica, arthritis, low back pain, circulatory disorders, insomnia, allergies and even asthma.Convinced of the need to replace an old mattress on the new one?Go to the store.But first read the note and recommendations on the choice of this important part of the bed.

types of mattresses

First, we should determine which mattress is best for you - a spring or springless.The notion of comfort for each person is unique, and what is comfortable for one, will be a source of torment for another.Today made huge variety of mattresses, in particular of latex mattresses, represents a monoblock of natural or artificial monoblock rolled into a roll.There

mattress filled with air or a liquid such as water.Also distributed mattresses with felt, polyurethane foam, polyester fiber, wool, coconut filling, and even filled with horsehair, hay or buckwheat hulls.You can select and combined mattress that combines several kinds of materials.

Classic cotton filler removes moisture and heat does not cause allergies, creates comfort for the body and is quite inexpensive.You probably remember the old Soviet mattresses, which grew more than one generation of healthy people?The drawback of this mattress is only a relatively short life span.Modern fillers

silk and lyocell (a material made from eucalyptus wood pulp fibers) other than the air permeability and low thermal conductivity, and still possess therapeutic properties.

Hollofayber - considered to be the same warm materials as natural wool, but is also suitable allergy, and is considered a good substitute for synthetic hair.Merino wool - the warmest of all the filler material for mattresses, moreover, it allows the body to breathe.Properties of wool know everything - despite the abundance of modern synthetic materials, each winter in great demand a variety of products made of wool.

Finally, there is a modern kind of filler as viscoelastic foam.The mattress of her very comfortable, beautifully retains heat and is suitable for winter, well removes moisture, creates comfort, in general, it is - one of the best achievements of the industry in the field of mattresses.

For those who do not trust springless mattresses and respects the classics, produced durable, comfortable, and reliable spring mattresses.Spring mattresses can be composed of woven or associates, or springs from the block of independent springs, working independently.Remember that independent springs provide a more pronounced orthopedic effect and follow the contours of the body.

To choose a mattress out of all this diversity, it is necessary, first, to determine the price, and secondly, with the size, thirdly, to those who will sleep on a mattress, and, finally, fourth,try the mattress "in".

Practice and more practice!

Whatever praised the latest models of expensive mattresses cute and so good-looking salesman, rely on his opinion is not worth it.As we have said, a feeling of comfort rather subjectively and individually.False modesty can lead to what you need to change the mattress after the first agonizing night spent on it.

Try your new mattress at the store: sit and lie down on it, can be even a little jump and see how resilient he is or how it keeps the contours of the body, depending on what you need from the mattress.Some people believe that healthy sleep is only possible on a very hard surface, and choose coir mattress (with the highest hardness).

checking mattress on comfort, to take exactly the position in which you usually sleep - so the feeling will be most apparent.Try it - there is enough space on this mattress will be for two, it is not too short or narrow.Look for fabrics and materials from which made the base of the mattress.In general, be picky buyer and remember that buying a mattress, you invest in your health.

To choose a mattress?

fat people is recommended to choose a firm mattress with a reinforced box spring or thick layers of coconut fiber and latex.People with low weight, on the contrary, it would be better to choose soft and medium-hard mattresses.Those who have a medium build, fit mattresses on independent springs, with layers of latex and coconut fiber.

children a good sleep on soft mattresses springless and teens - more stringent.Older people should choose a medium-hard and soft mattresses, and newborns should buy a hard and well-ventilated mattress.

When choosing a mattress pay attention to weight limits.If you buy a mattress for yourself and your partner, markedly different from your weight, it is better to buy a mattress, two different properties of the same size and the same height, with a total mattress topper.

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