3 The best way to spread artificial shoes

Method number 1: the use of special funds stretching shoe

In order to adjust the parameters of the shoe, use special sprays.Sprays shoe for stretching, usually presented as a foam.Their use is simple: the spray is applied to the inner or outer surface of the shoe in full or in a separate section that you want to distribute.

Almost every company that produces tools for footwear, have the means to raznashivaniya.For example, a stretcher « Shoe Stretch» ​​ from «Salamander Pr ofessional» for stretching and softening of shoes regardless of the type of skin.Before using this tool it is worth trying out on an inconspicuous area of ​​boots or shoes, to check whether "side effects" (eg, shoes should always be checked for color sensitivity).

Spray should be sprayed at a distance of about 10 cm from the shoes.It is applied to the inner surface of the shoe.After applying wear shoes and walk in about 30 minutes it is also possible to stretch the shoes using pad for 30-40 minutes after app

lying the spray.If necessary, the procedure must be repeated several times.

also for the possible use of artificial materials stretcher shoe « Oke» from «Saphir» .

have the means to raznashivaniya and company « Salton », but in the description of the means indicated that it intended to close and uncomfortable shoes is made of genuine leather, so guaranteesthat it will carry suede or faux leather, no.

Method number 2: the use of spacers for raznashivaniya shoe

for stretching of shoes, there are special pads .They are usually sold at one thing, and one is enough, if this block is universal (ie, designed for both left-hand and right leg).This shoe can stretch your shoes size 1.In addition, pads are suitable for drying shoes and to store it.

As distribute artificial shoes using pads?Coupled with the block should use spray stretcher.After applying the spray adjusted to the desired item is placed in a block shoes and leave for 40-50 minutes.If the shoes are stretched enough, the procedure can be repeated 3 to 5 times.But do not zealous, so as not to spoil the shoes.

Method number 3: domestic tricks

As distribute artificial shoes, if there were no special funds?With the following recipes.

1. Grease the area where the shoe presses or rubs, alcohol, wear thick socks and walk for a while, until the shoes not sit on the leg (at least 30 minutes).

2. The tight package, pour water and put it in a shoe.Shoes with being in her bag with water, place in the freezer.Then wait until the water freezes over, and remove the shoe from the refrigerator.Remember that this method is dangerous for leatherette because it can crack.

3. Moisten a thick cloth or towel in the water, squeeze a little bit.Wrap shoes in cloth and leave overnight.In the morning put shoes on his feet, and do not remove until it is dry and does not take the shape of your feet.If necessary, this method can use repeatedly.

Finally, sometimes the shoes can not break in, just replace the insole to another, more subtle.If you are in this select insole made of natural materials, synthetic shoes will have less smell, and feet in a shoe will be warmer in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

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