Top repellent sprays for shoes

Good repellent spray simply indispensable in rainy season, and in winter it will be used.After processing such shoes means you can not be afraid that the skin is deformed by moisture, color shoes would be bleak, white - dirty, and suede and does get wet through.

repellent shoe well represented not only in specialty stores, but also in ordinary supermarkets.In order not to get lost among the many proposals, check out our top five water-repellent sprays for shoes .They have been applied quickly and easily, while possessing all its advantages only one drawback - a pungent odor, so the use of such sprays needed in well-ventilated areas.


perfect water-repellent, which combines good price and quality.The spray is produced in Germany, flakonchike have clear instructions on the use of the English and Russian languages.Suitable for processing of leather, suede, nubuck, textiles, fur, as well as for combined products.Upon contact with moisture and dirt repellent them, helping to

permanently preserve the original color and the shape of your favorite shoes.

«Salamander Universal SMS»

This tool can rightly be considered one of the best water-repellent sprays not only for shoes, and clothes, and even umbrellas.The tool not only protects from moisture and dirt, but also significantly improves the appearance of shoes, especially suede.With regular use spray shoes will keep your perfect look.With all the undeniable benefits in the company «Salamander» has the disadvantage of which the manufacturer warns buyers: use this repellent spray for shoes be outdoors or in a well-ventilated area as it contains chemicals can be harmful to health.


Underlying this means for care is an effective repellent formula that does not violate the breathability of the shoe.The spray dries instantly, falling on the surface that will come in handy if you're in a hurry. water-repellent spray for shoes «Ecco» repels moisture and dirt, keeping your feet dry and clean shoes.An important advantage of this spray is its efficiency.Feedback from customers vial missing more than a year of regular use.

«Collonil Nanopro»

Universal repellent spray for shoes, leather, textile and fur clothing.When creating tools manufacturer has used nano-technology to create on the surface of the clothes and shoes subtle and impervious to moisture film.According to customer reviews, the water literally dripping from the treated surface - that is necessary for the care of footwear fall! tool is quite expensive, but it is very economical to use.


undeniable advantage of the water-repellent spray is a compact package: a means to easily fit in a purse and can be used at any convenient time.It dries quickly, it is literally on the move.Grappling with exposure to moisture, dirt and chemicals, while caring for the footwear and restoring its appearance.

Select Shoe care and effective means of favorite shoes - suede loafers even - will always look like new.

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