Secrets of fast cleaning

for quick and high-quality cleaning in the household, you will need:

  • mop with a removable nozzle and a light spin, which can quickly sweep up the garbage and wash the floor to shine, without any special effort.

  • Special-purpose wipes to wipe the dust.They will help to quickly remove dust from furniture and glass without leaving streaks.

  • Household chemicals: cleaner plumbing, spray for washing windows and appliances.

  • cheerful mood to the music!

Fast cleaning step by step

If you are at any moment expecting guests, then you need to start with the places in the house that are always in the foreground: a kitchen, bath and toilet.To do this, you have to learn to do several things at once:

  • Soak the dishes in the sink, filling it with hot water and detergent.Apply cleaner on the stove and wipe it.While the dishes will soak, go wash floors.

  • Things keys, toys, books and other items scattered around the apartment, it is better to collect in a basket or large bag.If you do not have time to

    lay them in place - prefer it a little later, having completed basic cleaning or other free time.The package itself can be placed in the mezzanine or balcony.Clean shoes in the closet excess that has accumulated in the corridor.Bed at the entrance wet doormat or pad feet.

  • for cleaning in the bathroom beforehand including hot water and close the door.The accumulated vapor will easily cope with the dirt on the mirror and shelves.Hang clean towels, put new soap - and order reign in the bathroom.

  • windows, mirrors in the house and appliances is better to wipe with a dry cloth, previously sprinkled all special tools for glass and furniture.

  • moisten the air after cleaning spray helps with running water.You can sprinkle it on the curtains, carpet and other materials that accumulate dust.

reduce the amount of dust in the house, you can use a humidifier.To the dirt and disorder did not create an emergency mode, it is better to maintain cleanliness every day, mentally dividing apartment on certain areas of attention, to carry out an easy cleaning in each of them in turn.

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