The severity of Japanese, or to sharpen ceramic knives

Hard but brittle

Ceramic knives are manufactured with the latest technologies of the zirconia powder.This material is almost as hard as diamond.Therefore, the most important feature of ceramic blades - their extraordinary hardness.However, they are very fragile.These knives are harder than steel, but easily be broken if dropped to the floor.They can not chop the bones, cut frozen food or to use on a glass board.But, for example, vegetables or meat they were able to cut into thin slices, and even the soft bread - without a single crumb.

Manufacturers claim that ceramic knives do not require sharpening at least a year of their service.But what then?

How to sharpen ceramic knives at home

most important thing that you need to have - the right sharpener.Her work surface should be at least solid, than the knife, that is, must be made of zirconium or have a diamond-coated.

When using Musatov or grindstone blade must be placed at an angle of 60 degrees to the grapes, round edge and continual

ly moisturize both surfaces.Sharpening should be neat and slowly, so as not to damage the fragile knife.Get ready for a long process: because of its properties of zirconium blades are difficult to sharpen at home.

Special sharpeners, stones and Musatov sold in many online stores, their prices start at 900 rubles.However, you may want to address in a specialized workshop and to entrust his kitchen assistants to professionals.After all, with careful care ceramic knives are able to serve you for many years.

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