The most effective means of odor in shoes

General recommendations

Remember that any shoes from time to time needs washing and airing.Also, it is important to dry the shoes well as moist environment - a paradise for bacteria: in these conditions, they multiply rapidly and live happily ever after.It is best to buy shoes made of natural materials, as they allow the skin to breathe.You can also use deodorants for the feet: they can be found in many cosmetics manufacturers.There are also special deodorants shoe.

Deodorant for shoes

known that human feet per day may produce up to 20-30 ml of sweat.And one has only to sit in the shoes or boots in a warm room, and sweating increases, the risk of bacteria and fungi is increasing.Cope with an unpleasant odor help deodorants shoe .

Deodorant for shoes from Salton » .At this remedy for the smell in shoes includes a special anti-bacterial component that removes the source of odor - microorganisms.It can also be used for prevention, because it not only eliminates harmful bacteria

and prevent their occurrence.The manufacturer promises that fresh feeling persists throughout the day.

Deodorant for shoes «Mentol» from «Saphir» . Aerosol has mint, a disinfectant.« Mentol» help neutralize the unpleasant smell of shoes.

deodorant dehumidifier "Comfort-maximum » . main component of deodorant - zeolite aggregates absorbing substance that absorbs water and various pollutants. It means the smell of shoes has an antibacterial effect, eliminates excess moisture in the shoe.The agent is a pouch 2, which are placed overnight in footwear, and in the morning extracted and dried.Using bags designed for 1 year.

Deodorant for shoes «Shoe Deo» by «Salamander» .Spray deodorant on the inner surface of the shoe, you will feel the scent of citrus.Means absorbs odors, has an antibacterial effect.

Antibacterial Deodorant spray for shoes « Lavilin Bio Balance» from «Hlavin» . tool created based on natural ingredients, it does not contain alcohol and has a light pleasant scent.It provides reliable protection against perspiration up to 7 days.

Deodorant for shoes from « Sholl » .The peculiarity of this means the smell of shoe is a unique system of neutralization «Neutra-Activ».Deodorant prevents the occurrence of unpleasant odor, antibacterial and antifungal activity.

deodorant is produced not only in the form of aerosol cans, but also in the form of tablets, sticks, creams.

Folk remedies of the smell in shoes

deodorant If you can not buy, for whatever reason, use the folk ways of getting rid of shoe odor.

1. Wipe the feet with tincture of Kombucha.

2. Add the water, essential oils (eg, eucalyptus) while washing the feet.

3. Treat shoes solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide.

4. Wipe shoes inside vinegar.

5. Use alcohol to wipe the inside of shoes.

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