How to sterilize the jars in a double boiler

Every housewife knows that the fall comes the long-awaited, but a difficult time to preparations for the winter.The long-awaited, because we work all summer dachas, we try to discover the Internet interesting recipes winter preserves.Difficult because of work to no end: then and the harvest to collect (or buy at the market), and wash-iterate, clean, and the selected recipe to cook and banks to roll, but so not to spoil that banks swelled,not burst, that on New Year's table in the cold winter were cucumbers , and gruzdochki with sour cream and adjika home, and in tea - raspberry jam.

To our efforts to succeed, we must not forget about the banks.Yes, it is about them - glass guardian of our reserves.After all, only in a properly sterilized jars your winter salad or canned remain fresh and tasty for a long time.And today we know with you, how to sterilize jars in a double boiler.

Sterilizing jars

In fact, banks are sterilized in different ways: in the oven, in the microwave, boiling wat

er on the stove or in the dishwasher.And our mothers and grandmothers were sterilized them in a couple of pot or kettle.Today, many homes have steamers: they who will help us to quickly and easily sterilize all banks.

Preparation cans

Before sterilized jars in a double boiler, they need to prepare for the steam treatment and high temperature.To begin with my cans with soda water.It is undesirable to use a dishwashing detergent - chemical components, they can influence the taste and the smell of our workpieces.

Banks must always be inspected for chips, cracks, indelible stains and other defects.If in doubt - remove the jar away, because you do not need it to burst during the sterilization process or when you lay in her products.

How sterilized jars in a double boiler: User

So, we have prepared jars: washed, cleaned, inspected them.Covers for jars, too, can be washed with soda (we recommend to clean them with a toothbrush - so you clean out all the chinks and hollows inside the cover).They we sterilized together with the banks.

1. double boiler filled with water as usual.Getting the banks to put in a steamer upside down.

2. Having made the banks in a steamer (most likely more than 3 cans in your double boiler will not fit, and if the big banks - will have their srerelizovat 1), turn it to the mode of cooking.Soon the water boils and the steam rising up, will sterilize the jars.

3. Since the boiling water sterilize jars for about 15 minutes.At the same time banks put in the steamer and cover - they will also be steam-sterilized.

4. finished sterilized jars in a double boiler, take them dry with a towel or kitchen gloves and put on a clean towel upside down;convenient to remove the cover with gloves or using tongs for meat.

Now fill in the blanks with your bank, close the cover (or roll up ) and put on a towel bottoms up until cool.When banks have cooled, you can transfer them in a dark place for storage.

Pros and cons of sterilization cans in a double boiler

Pros: sterilized jars in a double boiler on list of quick and convenient: you save time, but also power.

Cons: if you have a small steamer, you can not put it a few cans, so the method is good for owners of fairly roomy steamers.

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