Decorate balcony!

Design wall

on the balcony over the winter accumulate a lot of different things.Therefore, the first step is to clean the area of ​​all unnecessary or find for each thing its place.Then determines with the style in which we want to see your balcony.For example, country-style or Pop Art, African or Japanese.

that everything worked out as planned, should take into account all the nuances: finishing, balcony area, the protective structure, lattice and other.

Think about what you will do with the walls.The range of finishing materials today pleases - choose the color and taste.It may be natural wood, imitation stone.And you can just paint the walls or stick wallpapers with beautiful scenery and attractive still life.

interior balcony supplement light curtains or blinds.Do not interfere with mosquito nets.

Furniture for balcony

Some have outdated furniture on the balcony.Why it does not breathe new life?The main use creativity, imagination and skillful hands.And this furniture decora

te your balcony and make the design unique.You can sew, such as upholstered furniture beautiful covers of fabric with floral prints or just bright colors.Tables, chairs, tables - to paint or apply a variety of techniques, such as decoupage.If you can afford it and want of novelty, then select home furnishings should be among the "street" furniture that is designed for the garden.It is characterized by practicality and durability.

to open the balcony better pick up items, which in summer will be on it, and in the winter - in the room.This furniture can be made of metal or plastic.It looks nice and cozy chairs and a table made from wicker and decorated with a sofa cushions.For relaxation, the best solution would be a hammock.

Landscaping and flowers

On a small balcony engage each centimeter.That's where the handy ability to compact placement.So, flower pots can be mounted on vertical surfaces, on the walls, where there's space.If you have a place to roam fantasy, set rack, stacked pots with hanging plants.Another interesting design method - placing houseplants (preference is given to ampelnye) in a bird cage.Very beautiful and unusual will look through the bars of the cage hanging branches of plants.

Another option balcony design - floral arrangements.You can pick up all the flowers in the same color.For example, evening primrose and pansies create pink-purple background.If you add a geranium in the same color and petunia seedlings, your balcony in the summer, there will always be a bright and festive.

you enjoy cool shades in the interior balcony?It - hyacinths, petunias, violas, muscari, verbena, heliotrope.Well, the queen among the "balcony flowers" rightly recognized - hydrangea.This wonderful flower, which has globular inflorescence of pink, white, red, lilac, will delight you from April to November.

on the balcony can even create mini-kitchen garden, which perfectly fit into the interior of a country style.Whereas previously only used containers stranded at their onions and parsley, today choice plant pleases its range.It can be decorative cherry tomatoes from the group with the fruits of yellow and red.Planted them in pots or large pots.Other nice plants to decorate the balcony - a decorative pepper with big leaves maroon.

include peppers and tomatoes can put curly parsley, a variety of salads, chards or basil.And how can one not recall inviting decorative strawberries, which are planted in hanging baskets.

addition to all this beauty can serve as flower edible plants - marigolds or nasturtiums.Optionally, you can create a composition of vegetables and flowers.

lighting on the balcony

suitable for outdoor balcony garden lamps.They work without electricity as charged by the solar rays.Economical and original look lamps "two in one".For example, it may be a flower pot which is embedded in the lamp.

for a romantic evening perfect lighting - a candle.You can install them into ordinary banks, painted stained glass paints.Original and unusual candle lanterns will look beautiful in the daytime, "playing" on the walls of the balcony colored patches of sunlight.

Decoration balcony - an exciting and creative process.And in your power to turn a balcony into a cozy place, the Garden of Eden.Act!

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