Halloween: decorate the house for the holiday


to make their own traditional attribute this autumn festival - Lantern Jack, need a small pumpkin, a sharp knife and wire.Please be very careful to cut the top of the pumpkin, then use spoon and knife to scrape all the flesh and carve a face terrifying and hilarious.Attach the wire to be able to hang the lantern.The only thing left to do - is to put in the middle of the candle-tablet.

Pumpkin Paper

Make tykovku Halloween can even be made of paper.It needs to buy any decorative paper and cut it from the strip of the same width and length.Secure them with a fan at one end, straighten the strips into a ball and the opposite ends of the same seal it.Top attach adhesive wine cork - get pumpkin tail.The leaf can be cut from felt or green paper.

Skeleton Fridge

of white paper cut parts of the skeleton.Glue received "applique" on the mirror, closet, refrigerator or any other object.

«Live» Sunflower

On Halloween funny faces can be not only on t

he pumpkin, but on the bright sunflowers.From paper-cut parts and carefully glue them to the core of every sunflower that has turned face.

Candlesticks ghost

To make a candle, need a glass vase or a regular tall glass and paper (you can take the ordinary for applications) in two colors - orangeand yellow.From orange paper with a stencil cut out funny or scary face.Then the first paper wrap glass light yellow and then orange.Inside the glass put a little candle.

Candles in web

protsarapat First you need to wax great game with an awl or a picture in a web, and then fill it with decorative loop.Because relief scratches web will look more natural, and the drawing will not slide down the slippery with candles.Color Web can be any black, white, gold or silver.

Have issued a house?Think of the festive meal, cocktails, costumes, films and competitions.

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