Artificial suede: the rules of care

thing to artificial suede served long and retains its original appearance, it is necessary to observe the basic rules of care for her.

faux suede What is this?

faux suede - not a cheap attempt to simulate natural.This is the real stuff of a new generation for those who want to always be beautiful and elegant without spending a lot of money to buy things and effort to care for them.

such suede Made of polyester-based natural cotton.Suede has a special protective Teflon impregnation, which makes the material durable and resistant to any shocks.Thus, the material does not fade and are not spreading, it is almost impossible to break.Things faux suede will always please its owner.Tell me more, how to care for artificial suede.

Care suede : basic rules

So some care needs artificial suede, like brushing your IP artificially suede? few tips suggested below.

1. Must fatty or oily stains best means of dry-cleaning, as if to rub the wet cloth, they only increase in s

ize and become blurred.

2. If a thing is made of artificial suede shed some drink, that such contamination can be removed with soap solution or diluted with methanol (the rate of 1 part alcohol to 10 parts water).

3. To care artificial suede been easier, better clean it after each wear a soft brush.

4. Stains from fruit or vegetables removed with a sponge dampened in a mild soap solution.

5. Red wine and other beverages bright colors, you can try to bring a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water.

6. But beer best to remove the 3-percent alcohol solution (need to take methanol).

7. Stains from pen, markers, tar or shoe polish, you can try to uninstall it using turpentine oil.

8. milk, coffee or tea better display mild soap foam.

9. spot of lipstick can rub a cotton swab dipped in pure ethyl alcohol (it is possible to add a little ammonia).

10. If things appeared stain of nail polish, it can be removed with acetone or nail polish remover.

11. spots of paint (especially oil) can be removed with pure turpentine.

12. If things are pollution from chocolate, blood or sweets, you can do so: first, the water must be added ammonia 5 percent and thus rub the stain with a solution, then treat the stain with a sponge dipped insuds, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth thing.

13. How to care for artificial suede , if it is soiled badly?You can wash it in warm water with gentle washing powder.The fabric should be spread and dry.Ironing permissible through the fabric on the careful operation of the iron.

14. If after cleaning procedures pile fabric has lost its original form, then restore it very easy.For this thing must be thoroughly dried and then "comb" brush (evenly and accurately).

15. But to expose things out of faux suede aggressive chemical cleaning is undesirable, as they may deteriorate.

16. E If you bought shoes from artificial suede, pre-treat it impregnated.

thing to artificial suede has served long enough to wear it gently.Contamination is inevitable.So, if you remove them correctly, the fabric will remain same as it was at purchase.Watch out for things and wear them with pleasure!

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