Ceramic knives - pros and cons

Ceramic knives went on sale a few years ago and confidently occupy the space of modern kitchens.We decided to find out: how good this novelty.To do this, we conducted a survey among those who use ceramic knives.

We found that housewives divided opinion: some say it is the perfect knife, others were disappointed in its application after a few uses.

In order to sort things out, consider the pros and cons of ceramic knives .

Advantages of ceramic knives

  • That knife can easily cut soft foods, such as bread with a crispy crust and tomatoes.Many other products will also be cut perfectly.
  • greens and vegetables, cut in such a knife, stored for longer and do not blacken.Because the knife does not oxidize the products, their appearance remains unchanged.
  • If you follow the rules of operation of such long knives tupyatsya.
  • These knives never rust, does not oxidize.
  • knives are very sharp.
  • Knife lighter than usual, does not load the hand, which is beneficial when a large amount of work.
  • smooth, polished surface of the knife prevents the growth of microbes.

Like all great, besides, beautiful ceramic knife.But, unfortunately, it is not universal.

Cons ceramic knives

  • very sharp, with careless use can easily cause injury.
  • maximum blade length of 16-17 cm, so the large products, such as watermelon, pumpkin or cabbage, cut uncomfortable.
  • This knife can not cut the hard foods, as it can break.
  • Raw meat also can not cut - it will quickly grow blunt.Such
  • not drop the knife from him this may cause cracks, chips that are in the process of cutting scatter into small pieces.
  • to sharpen ceramic knife , need a special diamond sharpener, the price of which is 2-5 thousand rubles.
  • Another drawback - the material of the knife is very solid, so this knife completely flexible.

Summing up the consideration of all the pros and cons ceramic knives , we can say that despite some shortcomings, with proper and accurate operation of a knife is needed in the kitchen.

going to buy a knife, you pick and choose what suits you best: innovative ceramic or traditional steel.

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