How to sterilize the jars in the oven

Harvesting homemade preserves for the winter - a complex and difficult process, any housewife knows that.In addition to preparing the products themselves directly must also thoroughly prepare the banks, in which we are going to lay our preserves.There are many ways that housewives sterilized jars before you stack them in their preparation: it sterilized in the microwave, and sterilization in a double boiler. We want to tell you, how to sterilize jars in the oven.

Prepare jars to sterilize

The oven can sterilize a lot of jars of different sizes (only be placed in the oven), together with the banks may be sterilized and lids (but only metal withoutrubber inserts) - a definite plus sterilizing jars in the oven.

Preparing the cans for sterilization:

  • thorough external examination - you have to check the banks for any chips, cracks and other defects, otherwise there is a risk that the Bank will burst;
  • wash jars and lids with soda for initial disinfection (not recommended for use
    dishwashing detergent - they can affect the smell of your canned goods.

How to sterilize the empty cans in the oven

Washed banks put in of a cold oven on the grill or the pan upside down. Turn the oven and bring the temperature up to 150 ° C (no longer need, or your bank may simply explode). At this temperature, sterilize jars:

  • small jars of up to 0.75 liters must be sterilized for 10-15 minutes;
  • medium-sized banks (1 liter) sterilized 15-20 minutes;
  • 2-liter jars in the oven must be kept at least 2025 minutes;
  • cans of 3 liters (for example, pickles ) must be sterilized for 25-30 minutes.

finished sterilized jars, fill them with blanks and roll covers (you can use ordinary screw cap).Put them on a towel upside down and wait for the complete cooling, and then drag in a dark place for storage.

If you do not plan to immediately pledge to the banks products, after sterilization, the banks need to put on a clean towel bottomed up.This will help to keep them sterile.

Sterilization filled cans

This is a very convenient method of sterilization: sterilize you have filled food banks.

Banks with blanks to be put in cold or barely warm oven or on the grill pan and covered with a lid (not spinning).Set the oven temperature to 120 ° C and when it warms up, sterilize the jars for the time specified in each recipe, or use the general recommendations by the time stated above.

sterilized jars, close the lid, set on a towel upside down and wait until they cool down.Then they can be transferred to storage in a dark place.


Keep in mind that the banks in the oven very hot.So, first, be sure to use the special tack or kitchen mittens when he pulled the tanks out of the oven, and secondly, do not hold with the bank by the neck because it can break away, or your hands to slip and break the bank.Keep bank needs their sides.You also can not remove the banks, keeping them wet tack or towel from the temperature difference cans may explode in your hands and seriously injure you.

covers most convenient to get to the meat with tongs.

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