Slate kitchen

role slate to your kitchen can do any surface covered with a special paint.On top of this coating can be applied by conventional recording and pictures with crayons.

in the wall

your baby takes its first steps in the art, using as wallpaper easel?You should not scold the crumbs - let talent develop.Imagine what will delight little artist the opportunity to decorate an entire wall drawings in the kitchen!To create a working surface of the paint you will need for school boards.A suitable water-borne latex paint is in the range of Tikkurila, a domestic producer of "World of colors" produces an aerosol form of the product.Wall drawings and records do not have to be black ink are presented in a variety of colors.

Corner records

If your kitchen is no free wall under the slate used for the same purposes, or face the front door of the cabinet.Dye remarkable falls on any surface - wood, plastic, glass or metal.Paint in the appropriate shade of glass doors and always keep a shallow - so you will alw

ays be able to quickly record a good recipe and shopping list to remind yourself every time you leave the kitchen.

Budget option

A small slate can be purchased at the store or make your own hands, covered with a special paint ordinary cork.This kitchen accessory can hang over the dining table and put on a shelf or be arranged in any other convenient place.Another portable version available - the magnetic board.They are suitable for a refrigerator or other metal surfaces.

stationary and portable blackboards can be used for decorative and practical purposes.Recipes, children's drawings, fun applications or declarations of love - all decorate your kitchen, help organize life and cheer up.

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