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wallpaper as a means of correcting the shortcomings premises

As is well known, is too high, small or elongated space can easily be made more pleasant to look by changing the color of the walls.Visual deception will be so strong that your guests will be surprised when you tell them that the room is high, or, in contrast, is low.How to achieve this?

small room with a lack of available space is adjusted by means of bright wallpaper with a small figure.Especially good to use this type of wallpaper in a room with low lighting.The low ceiling can be hidden by the bright wallpaper with a vertical pattern and light color of the ceiling (in lighter tone or wallpaper to them in one tone).

large room is reduced by a dark-colored wallpaper and a large picture on them.Try to imagine how the room will look with a particular pattern.It should also be suitable to your character - too aggressive, flashy wallpaper can ruin your stay at home.High ceilings can visually make lower by the wallpaper with a horizontal pa


Color Wallpaper

choose the color of wallpaper needed, given the lighting of the room, toward the light, which go out the window in it, the height and width of the room, as well as the color of the floor and ceiling.

room on the north side needs to "insulation" by the bright and warm tones of the wallpaper.South side require saturated reds or cool, light-absorbing colors.

Understand and purpose of the room, which is selected for the wallpaper.In the dining room or the kitchen better than wallpaper paste warm colors, as these colors evoke appetite and inspire a sense of comfort, security.In the living room or office is also better to stick the bright wallpaper, for example, green or blue. wallpaper bedroom be darker colors, to create an intimate atmosphere.

Bathroom suggests cool shades of the walls - allows you to relax and unwind.Children's room is not desirable hang wallpaper catchy bright colors, it will irritate even the calmest child.

wallpaper and lighting

choosing wallpaper, do not forget that artificial lighting can change them beyond recognition.Consult with experts, will look like the wallpaper in the sunlight, the use of conventional energy-saving lamps and LEDs.

can use fluorescence effect that looks very interesting night, in the embodiment of the pictures with the stars or nocturnal city, magic mushrooms, flowers and castles.During the day these wallpapers look ordinary, but at night turned into three-dimensional installations.

Wallpapers and wall surface

uneven walls before applying plaster wallpaper necessary, achieving a perfectly smooth surface.But, if the irregularities are too large or the walls comprise projections, such a defect can be hidden by wallpaper with an abstract pattern.Furthermore, they do not need to be "customized" in the figure.

good designer will tell you how to combine wallpaper and curtains, color, upholstery, accessories and more.But you can be a designer interior of your house and yourself, if well thought out purpose of each room and the effect you want to achieve.Ideally, all the interior echoes and combined with each other, from small parts to the semantic elements.We wish you a successful choice of wallpaper.

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