Impregnation for shoes: choose together

impregnation for shoes prevent ingress of dirt and water in the material and will keep the boots or shoes in good form.We impregnate many advantages: it protects your shoes against water and dirt, and thus protects your feet from cold and damp.

How to choose the impregnation?

Impregnating can be universal (such suitable for shoes, clothes, backpacks) and special (only for shoes, but clothes and so on.).First and foremost when choosing impregnation for shoes should focus on the skin or the type of material from which the shoe is made.Another important condition is the use of impregnating shoe - moderation: do not abuse the tool.To understand what impregnation for footwear is necessary and how it should be applied, it should reflect on how often subjected shoes to dirt and water.

When applying impregnation forms a transparent film which is moisture.Drops of water and dirt simply flow down, but do not penetrate the material.You can use silicone impregnation , who have a number of ind

isputable advantages: a more even distribution across the surface of shoes, protective film, which in this case is breathable.

How to apply impregnation?

Remember impregnation applied to clean shoes.If you apply the impregnation on a dirty surface , it will achieve the opposite result - commit the dirt covering it with a protective film.After the application will take some time to steep well-absorbed into the material.Fully impregnation exerts its protective properties after 8 - 10 hours.Therefore, it is necessary in advance (preferably overnight) to process shoes.

impregnation applied either through sprayer , either with a sponge - it depends on the kind of tools and products.Preferred, of course, spray impregnation in the form of aerosols or sprays.

If you want brand new leather boots as long as possible retain their form, try to treat them immediately after purchase - so treatment will be absorbed better.

impregnation suede

Suede - moody material: Not every treatment is suitable for processing.Suede is also called intractable or shoes are not for the lazy.Therefore, when choosing to impregnate suede should focus on the mark "Suede".There is an opinion that it is better to use silicone impregnation Suede as wax impregnation are more suitable for smoother skin.Another option for the impregnation of suede - impregnation based fluorocarboxylic resins.

suede impregnation is applied to clean, dry shoes (suede is generally better not to wet and not washed and cleaned using steam) in 3 layers.For everyday cleaning, you can use a paint-spray.Paint-spray refresh kind of shoes and will protect it from dirt and water.Almost every company has a special line of tools for suede, for example, the company «Salton» there suede paint and paint-balm.

Paint-balm is more convenient to use because it can be used indoors and it is compact (if necessary easy to carry).Note also the means of trade marks «Salamander Professional», «Saphir», «Tarrago», «Bar".Suede is also suitable for spray-spray for nubuck and suede «Nikwax», maintaining color and texture of the fabric.

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