Terms tableware

Tableware - is to prepare the dining area to take food at any time of the day.Meals can be expressed in any form: breakfasts, lunches, dinners, various festivals, tea ceremonies, banquets and many other activities.The decoration depends on what kind of food and drink will be offered at a given meal.Tables, chairs and other items must be consistent with the feast, for example, the table should not be too square or too square shape.

There are several types of table setting:

  • dining table;
  • cold table;
  • tea (coffee) table;
  • buffet tables.

breakfast is usually served tea table or buffet tables (buffet, buffet, cocktail table).For dinner, it is advisable to cover the dining table or cold.The cold is so different from the dinner so that when it is not fed soup or broth.

If the hostess wants to do everything perfectly, it should start with a perfectly ironed tablecloths, previously tucked under her thick cloth, matched exactly to the color, to quietly arrange dining utensils.Types of cloths: rectangu

lar, round, square on the floor, round the floor.

scheme of arrangement of devices


In today's world all people know how to use devices such as a fork, knife or spoon.

There are several types of cutlery.

  1. Spoons:
    • coffee ;
    • tea;
    • dining;
    • dessert;
    • for making mixed drinks;
    • Serving salad;
    • sauce.
  2. Knives:
    • table ;
    • fish;
    • meat;
    • dessert.
  3. Forks:
    • dining;
    • for lemons;
    • dessert;
    • Serving .

for beautiful and refined dining utensils necessary to pick up a hot dishes, appetizers, desserts, drinks and all the other dishes.Make it a distinct help general rule tableware .

To place devices with a precision befitting symmetry.To dishes fell off the table, you need to put it a little farther from the edges, on the same line and at equal distances from each other.When serving critical celebrations required first to put big table plates (podtarelnik) and snack on them.And on them - a plate of soup.If you do not have appetizers, soups are served at once or hot dishes.On Podstavochny dish food does not put because it is a sign of bad taste.This dish can be removed only after the presentation to desserts.Above all devices, the remaining plates and napkins put bread plate next to each place.To the left of the plate-holders plugs are placed depending on the composition and the menu offered dishes.Since the near side of the large plates, forks are located as follows: for meat, for fish dishes and appetizers, respectively.Blades, in turn, is placed on the right.First, the knife for the main course, then for fish and appetizers.Near the knives is a spoon for the first dishes up recess.Use the first devices, the most distant from the plate-holders, and then devices that are closer.For desserts devices are arranged on a plate to the center - a knife and a spoon handle to the right and the left fork.

slender glasses set next diagonal right of the plate in order of use: a glass of vodka or a strong brandy, wine glass (for example, dry white), champagne glass or water (juice).The number of glasses and glasses depends on the number of drinks supplied.

Table setting for breakfast


For example, breakfast with the main hot dish (eg, eggs) are located on the cutlery rules tableware .Plate is in the middle, spoon and knife placed on the right, fork left.Also on the left is placed a plate of bread, which it is desirable to apply a separate knife.Saucer with a cup of coffee is on the left.

Napkins Napkins are usually placed on a large plate or a diner.Often at the beginning of the meal napkin placed on the knees (a tradition peculiar feast is not for everyone).And to add to tableware little variety, used napkins, folded into various shapes.

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