White mushrooms where growing up and how to find them

In a forest to collect ceps

White, aka boletus mushroom growing in a variety of woods, but find it not so easy.Among the conifers and deciduous trees, he prefers the neighborhood with birch, oak, pine and spruce.Age of trees must be possible over more than 50 years;pine forest may be younger - 20-25 years.

Most white mushrooms found in the well-lit and heated by the sun clearings, but they grow in the shade canopy.


Borovik grows well in moist but not boggy soil, loves moss and lichen cover.Pine forest with sandy soil - 's where collecting ceps best .

White mushrooms where growing up and how to find them

temperature and weather

The best temperature for the growth of white mushrooms: 15-18 ° C in summer and 8-10 ° C in early autumn.Favorable conditions - moderately dry weather, without rains and the lack of extreme temperatures.White mushrooms like short-term storms and warm foggy night.


White fungus growing not only in the Russian forests, but also in the whole world except Australia.It is found even

in the Arctic Circle.But the forest, where collecting ceps a pleasure to have the flat terrain in the steppes and mountains boletus disappears.

season when collecting ceps

In the temperate zone boletus fruits from mid-June to late September, although sometimes appears briefly in May.In a warmer climate could easily grow to October.

Reply briefly and clearly the question, where collecting ceps , impossible.To get to their plate porcini and in winter enjoy the fragrant forest delicacy, have a good "hunting."But it's worth it!

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