How to choose a heater

type heater

There are several basic types of heaters: oil, Convection, infrared heaters and electric fireplaces.

  • most common, perhaps, oil .They are reliable, low-cost, long heat, but are able to work almost around the clock.Depending on the room, you can choose a suitable size.On the oil heater is virtually impossible to burn yourself.However, they are quite heavy.
  • convector heaters also usually inexpensive.They are able to heat the room, literally five minutes, take up little space, are able to work for a long time and is quite safe.
  • next type - infrared heaters .Warm objects and not the air, and the heating is very fast.Saves energy, but cost a bit more expensive than the previous models.Infrared heaters can be used on the street, for example in the gazebo.Its downsides - the fragility of very hot surfaces (not suitable for homes with small children) and constant light emission.
  • heaters are inexpensive, quickly warmed the room, but not able to work for a long time, moreover, they are n
    oisy.Not suitable as a primary means of heating, but sometimes it can be very useful (for example, to quickly warm up the garage or bathroom).
  • Electric fireplaces are different in design and cost and, as a rule, operate predominantly aesthetic function - you can sit on a chilly evening at almost this spark.

power heater

Depending on the size (volume) of the room you want to heat up, the heater power is selected.If the height of ceilings in the apartment for about two and a half meters, the room for 5-6 square meters suitable heater power of 0.5 kW, 10-12 meters - 1 kW, 20-23 - 2 kW.

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