Compact stain removers

Sometimes the day is not given in the morning.A passing car splashed mud seemed especially from the pool.Coming out of the bus, casually leaned against the dirty door, and a new coat is now a huge gray spot.After a trip to the subway on a beige suede boots left black imprint of someone's dirty shoe.And having arrived at work, the first thing poured a cup of coffee on her skirt.And you wash in the sink skirt toilet service, swallowing tears and reproach yourself for what you are clumsy and sloppy.Common situation?Perhaps each of us have experienced those days: everything goes wrong and occur any trouble.It is difficult to deal with a failed arrangement of stars, but podstelit straw in case of a sudden drop is possible.For example, to keep in your pocket compact stain remover for morning coffee on the skirt or the imprint of another boot.

Napkin with stain remover

Compact stain removers

Napkins with stain remover is easy to carry in a bag, and they will help you to quickly remove stains or dirt from clothing or s

hoes.They are a textile or paper napkins special texture impregnated with a special tool, which will help absorb the stain and discolor it.Stain-swipe allows you to remove dirt from clothing, including greasy stains, without removing it.You just need to make a napkin pressed to spot and wait;if necessary, should be wet cloth spot several times.Many manufacturers produce such tissue they can be packed in 4 pieces in a package or in a tube at 40-200 pieces.Prices, respectively, are also different.For example, a package of 4 pyatnovyvodyaschih napkins «Dr CLEAN» is about 50-60 rubles.Household chemicals can buy wipes pyatnovyvodyaschie 60 rubles.

Compact stain removers

Participants in Internet forums are also very praise wipes clothes «Amway LOC» - despite the high price (1 pack 150 rub.), They are, judging by the reviews, really capable of a miracle, if neededto get rid of spots: scour both dry and wet, greasy and any complex stains from lipstick on a blouse, a spot of wine or bloodstains and finishing nail polish on the carpet pile.

Stain stick

Compact stain removers Another compact tool that you can carry around in your bag or keep in the desk drawer - pyatnovyvoditel-pencil.It is impregnated with detergent, and placed so that its tip is always clean.These pencils are indispensable when you need to remove the stain with dry clothes (eg, coat ) or shoes.For example, stick-on stain remover «Dr.Beckmann» removes stains from coffee, tea, juice, baby food and yogurt sauce, lipstick and foundation.At the same time, these are the knobs for a long time, which justifies the rather big (about 240 rubles.) Price.

Compact stain removers Pyatnovyvodyaschy pencil with soap based on natural oils of the company «Heitmann» at a cost in the range of 180 rubles.also copes with dry and fresh dirt.Pencil stain removers «Edelstar», «ultra Umax (U-max ultra)», «Faberlic» and «Udalix» earned high marks of consumers, while the price is about the same and varies between 120-180 rubles.

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