Shoe wax: what to choose and how to apply?

Wax is an essential part of high-quality shoe polish, in addition, it is available as a separate product used to protect shoes from adverse weather conditions and mechanical damage.

operating principle of wax shoe

Shoe wax performs two important functions: softens and cares for the natural skin, while protecting it from damage.The ingredients in this product will protect your shoes from drying out, give smoothness and shine.After applying wax shoe it creates on the skin surface thin film, repels moisture, dirt and road agents, and also protects from minor mechanical damage, such as the appearance of cracks and creases.Thus, in the care of a leather shoe wax can replace you two products: cream and water-repellent spray.Please note that the wax is only suitable for smooth leather ovuvi for suede and nubuck he will not do.

How to choose shoe wax

sufficiently dense structure means and no unpleasant pungent smell indicate high quality wax for shoes.In the opinion of buyers, this is the wax is applied evenly and very thin, easily absorbed, softens and moisturizes the skin of life.

sharp smell of wax suggests that underlying funds are synthetic ingredients and care about shoes, it will be much worse than could have better analogues on natural raw materials. Shoe wax viscous consistency worse absorbed by the skin, and drying of footwear after treatment agent so you take a lot of time.

Regardless of the quality of the main raw material, composed completely of any wax shoe includes chemical solvents.These components may affect the surface of the shoe and react with poor quality dyes.That's why customers often wax shoe complain that he spoiled the look of boots or shoes.In fact the wax is not to blame the whole thing in unstable color of the skin.

If you are not sure of the quality of their shoes, first try applying a small amount of wax on an inconspicuous patch of skin and check whether the vehicle will not leave stains.To care for the fragile painted shoes instead of wax, use a cream and water-repellent spray.

best to buy caring wax in the same store where shoes.Sales consultants can help you choose the best tool for your couple, and if it will be picked up correctly, and spoil the shoes, you can always show the store claims.

Applying wax shoe

waxing is the final stage of shoe care products, but it is best to carry out in advance, not just before going out.The wax is applied on leather shoes for a few hours before use, good time to soak and soften the skin, and they formed a protective film will be the most resistant.

Shoe wax is applied to the surface of the skin with a thin layer.The most convenient way to do this using a special brush.Remember that before waxing shoes have to be clean and dry!

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