How to distribute suede

buying new shoes made of natural materials, we can assume when fitting a few mistakes.Firstly, we are trying on shoes in a store, slowly pacing the smooth tile looking in the mirror and thinking about the purchase, we come to the conclusion that the shoes are comfortable.But when we are in a hurry in the morning to work, maneuvering between the people in the subway, jumping over curbs, we realize that the shoes appeared close.The second mistake - when we're not fitting wear heavy socks, and to measure our nylon.The third error is contained in the words "this is a natural material, so it will stretch."It is a stretch, but not two the same size!As a result, we are faced with a situation, new shoes, we shake.As stretch suede shoes , without damaging it?

As distribute suede

So you - "happy" owner of the shoes or boots that can not wear.Suede - a natural material, and the characteristics of its manufacture allow it to expand quite strongly, so you can easily "distribute" suede shoes - material

properties are such that the shoe "sit" just on your foot.Can you help him do it faster.To do this, we offer you some advice, spread like suede .

Firstly, just bought a pair of shoes a few days wear home.Wear stockings, socks and wear for several hours.Gradually the shoes will take the shape of your feet and surprises related to pressure or rubbing the legs, can be avoided.But this method is only suitable for those who bought the shoe size, the shape of the foot just outside the box.That is, thus creating only minimal correction.

Second, in every shoe store, you can buy special stretching means.Consult your dealer, if appropriate tool for suede and buy.Dosing at them one - to process and wear shoes inside her house to dry.

If you have not purchased anything similar - do not worry, wear wet socks, and they zhmuschie your shoes.So you are at home drag shoes .However, note that you should not feel uncomfortable.Hiking in the shoes an hour, then stuffed tighter newspaper and gave legs to rest an hour and a half.Otherwise there can be problems with blood circulation in the legs.Water can be replaced with alcohol or vodka - they operate more effectively.If you need to carry only a sock, you can restrict wet crumpled paper, but be careful not to change the shape of the toe of your shoes (especially shoes and boots demi-season).

can carry suede and "dry" method using a movable pad that can change their size (they are also sold in a shoe store): you just set the size of the pads, leaving her shoes, and then as the tensionadjust the size of the pad material so that it is increased.

And, of course, the easiest way for busy women - a shoe repair.Master has the necessary means for stretching of shoes, and pads of different sizes it has.So for a few days and a certain amount of money he will turn into narrow shoes loose and comfortable.

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