Glass in the interior

glass light, airy, attractive divine magic power and transparency, with the shadow of mystery that it hid.And if you taste all the delicate and unusual in appearance, the design office or home glass, no doubt, will take a leading position.Let me make a original and stylish interior.

bathroom interior with glass

can opt for haytekovskogo glass shelves, cabinets with doors of glass, plumbing and stylish bathroom accessories, which are partially or completely done with this crystal.

But if you are planning something more, you can make a shower of smooth, transparent, almost weightless glass.And sinks can also be made of glass.And glass tiles will also look good.By choosing different shades of glass transparency level, you can safely experiment with interior bathroom.

glass in interior kitchen

elegance add a modern kitchen hood in tempered glass.

Using glass can be arranged bars.The doors of kitchen units made of black, colored or frosted glass and decorate your kitche


Dining refined looks with glass tables and metal chairs.In the kitchen you can use glass accessories and utensils.

Glass home furnishings in the living room

almost any living room with a TV - that stand for it can be made of glass.

You can also put the original coffee tables.And do not forget about the glass shelves.These shelves can also be used in offices, bedrooms and libraries in the house.

bedrooms with glass elements

The bedroom may be present in the glass interior.You can select beautiful floral glass coasters, candle holders, vases, table lamps, coffee tables and a variety of decorative items.

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