Camel blanket: the properties and characteristics

Camel wool has long been considered particularly.Great physician Avicenna mentioned it in his medical treatises, and some Oriental peoples believe that it can cure and protect not only the body but also the spirit.In many families blanket of camel hair generations handed down.

This is no coincidence, because the camel wool really different from all other types of wool.It is thanks to his "clothes", camels are able to withstand without any discomfort inherent in their environment usual extreme temperatures.Hence, it is amazing quality blankets made of camel hair: they are not only perfectly warm in winter, and cool in the hot summer.

camel wool - it is coarse, hollow inside with a soft undercoat of hair - down.The hollow structure of the hairs provides additional insulation and weightlessness of the camel wool.Blankets filled with different very little weight.

family doctor: a blanket of camel hair

has long been believed that the camel blanket is an excellent remedy for colds.Medi

cinal properties of blankets, doctors concluded in its three properties.

1. Dry heat: camel wool is hygroscopic, in addition, due to its structure, a good conductor of air.Under this blanket person does not sweat.

2. Camel wool prevents reabsorption of harmful substances, are eliminated from the body through sweat.

3. hairs tingle like massage the skin, while improving blood circulation , that helps relieve inflammation and swelling.

Content animal wax (lanolin) in camel's hair is higher than in any other wool.Heated by body temperature, lanolin beneficially affects the skin, joints and muscles of the person.Due to this warming effect, there is an expansion of blood vessels, improves metabolism, strengthens the blood and tissue regenerative processes are activated.All these properties can be useful in neuritis, osteochondrosis and rheumatic pains.A nice bonus for allergy sufferers and asthmatics: camel hair completely hypoallergenic and has the ability to repel dust.

Another unique feature of this natural material - antistatic, protect people from exposure to electromagnetic fields.If there is in every modern home electrical appliances sets this amazing property of camel wool can be particularly valuable.

To enhance the therapeutic effect blankets , during their production to meet the fiber used natural breathable fabric , such as cotton or satin.

Interesting facts

clothes and underwear for astronauts and sailors long voyage made of camel fluff.

Wool going to moult, so the case does without victims and production of natural things from camel wool does not harm any of the camel.

Wash "is contraindicated» blanket of camel hair .Recommended only dusting and occasional ventilation air.

have camel blankets there is still a couple of drawbacks: prickliness their hairs and prices, because of which they may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin and a thin wallet.

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