Liven up the interior with bamboo!

All about bamboo

According to the American Bamboo Society, bamboo - a grass species that vary in size from dwarf plants (about 30 cm) to the giant tree trunks, reaching a height of 30 m. Depending on the type ofsoil and climatic conditions throughout the world, there are more than 1,200 species of bamboo - from hard to soft -dissemination in different climates from tropical jungles to cold mountain slopes.Bamboo is considered the homeland of South and Southeast Asia, but it also grows in the north of Australia, in some parts of India, in Africa - Sub-Saharan Africa - in continental Europe, North and South America - on the Mid-Atlantic to Argentina and Chile.

One of the most remarkable benefits of bamboo is that it does not require new plantings after cutting due to the constant growth and a strong root system, making it the fast recovering natural resources.In fact, bamboo can grow up to 60 cm a day and gives harvest every 3-5 years, thus far surpassing most of the trees.

Bamboo kitchen

Liven up the interior with bamboo!

Currently becoming more common household items made of bamboo such as cutting boards, dishes, baskets and many other items.

Company, supporters of environmental technologies, claim that bamboo is 16% harder than maple wood, 1/3 lighter oak.However, in some cases, it is as strong as steel, which makes it very popular material for the production of durable goods without depleting thus natural resources faster than they can recover.Also, try the amazing bamboo covering for decorating your kitchen !

Bamboo flooring

Construction companies working with bamboo, warn that not all the same and bamboo must be very picky when choosing a supplier, as low-grade material can crack, warp and delaminate.According to various reports, the cost of bamboo flooring starts from 300-500 rubles per square meter, and is present in two colors - natural and amber - and three different textures: horizontal, vertical and intermittent strips.Unpolished bamboo can be painted in other colors.

So where can be laid bambukovy floor?Experts suggest the use of its solid wood surface in bedrooms and living rooms and the kitchen.You can use it in the bathroom, however, with very great caution and with appropriate installation and handling.

Bamboo furniture

Liven up the interior with bamboo!

Due to its strength and durability of bamboo furniture is perfect for people who are not very carefully related to furniture.

Liven up the interior with bamboo!

In addition, lamps, chairs, beds and other furniture made of bamboo will give your home original and memorable.Interior of the room can be finished with natural bamboo blinds.

Bamboo plants

Liven up the interior with bamboo!

By Chinese teachings of Feng Shui bamboo grown on the east side of the house or in the eastern part of the apartment, brings its inhabitants health and happiness, financial well-being, contributes to the flow of positive energy, maintains goodmood and ensures longevity.Now flower shops often sold so-called lucky bamboo - bamboo branches, coiled on top, with a small green otrostochkom.Besides the unique appearance, another advantage is a handsome curly extraordinary simplicity.Fill the container with the plant of filtered or distilled water, add vitamins (especially effective in the next update of water) and in your home there is a green area!Do not forget that cultural traditions need to buy a plant with an odd number of stems.

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