To be or not to be: is it possible to wash a down jacket in the washing machine?

So what if soiled jacket?How clean it?Can it be washed?The following details how to do it.

Can I wash a down jacket in the washing machine ?

So what to do?Wash or not wash?This will help to understand the jacket itself, more precisely, its tag.Conscientious manufacturers write, how to care for the thing.If the label shows a picture of a crossed-washing machine, then the child will understand that machine wash canceled. should be given the optimum temperature for washing in a machine mode.

way, today called any jacket down jacket, but wearing this proud name can only be one thing that as a filler contain it down (sometimes mixed with a stylus), but not sintepon, hollofayber and other similar materials.Pooh has some disadvantages: it is very fast and get wet for a long time to dry.If the fluff has been dried or washed properly, he just crumpled, settle and lose their original appearance.

How to wash?

So how wash down jacket in the washing machine , that then it could be worn, and no

t have to carry this thing in the trash?We give some useful advice.

1. So, the first thing you need to pay attention to the information specified on the label.If you follow these instructions there, then the risk to spoil a thing would be minimal.

2. Down jacket is necessary to prepare for the wash. You must carefully check all the pockets, buttoned all the buttons and zippers.Removable parts are best washed separately from the jackets.

3. It is important to choose the right detergent.It is best to choose a liquid concentrate for delicate items (eg, wool).Washing powder, in principle, can also be used, but it is badly washed out of the down and feathers, they can damage or adhere on them.

4. It is best to pre-wash the most contaminated sites manually.You can use ordinary soap or the same means that are machine washable.

5. The temperature of the water in the wash should not exceed 30 ° C.The number of revolutions is better to choose a minimum.Optimal washing - delicate.

6. To fluff and feathers do not crumpled, together with the down jacket into the washing machine should be placed 3-4 tennis balls (for conventional tennis, not table).They will shake up the contents of the jacket as washing and will not let him settle.

7. If, after washing down jacket on the left divorce , it must be thoroughly rinsed in warm water.If necessary, repeat the procedure several times.

How to dry after washing down jacket?

Wash down jacket in the washing machine - is only half the story.After all, if such a capricious thing wrong dry, it will lose its shape.So, a few tips on drying.

1. For starters, you can dry the jacket in the washing machine.For this mode should be set to spin with a minimum number of revolutions.The process may take 1-2 hours.After such "executions" jacket probably will look dry, but for sure the inner layers have not dried up.

2. Hang the jacket on a hanger, it should be in an upright position.Clean up in the closet it can not be!Let the jacket hung a few hours in the fresh air.During this time, we need some time to shake down jacket and carefully straighten feathers.

3. Do not dry jacket on batteries or heaters.Feathers and down will become brittle and will not be warm in the winter.

4. After drying, you can once again beat down jacket with tennis balls in the washing machine.

We hope that these tips will help you.

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