Blowing of plastic windows?

hated drafts make the house uncomfortable and provoke health problems.Especially desirable are for families with children.Windows, it would seem, should solve this problem once and for all.But there it was.Whose fault blowing of plastic windows ?

First, make sure that of your Square astikovyh windows really blowing .Light a candle and slowly carried it along all the joints of the window to the frame, along the slopes and under the sill.As you will notice the flame, blowing from the slots or not.Most of the draft take the cool air that descends along the glass and on the windowsill.This is a natural process of air circulation in the room.

What to do if you still find a gap from which blows?

1. If the plastic windows installed recently and are under warranty, the only true solution is to call the master.

  • blowing out joints plastic windows and frames - window installed incorrectly, it does not coincide with the frame of the geometry.They need to be reinstalled.
  • blows from the slopes, wind
    owsill - the frame is installed incorrectly, badly sealed cracks.It is necessary to disassemble the slopes, to remove the sill and fill in the blanks with foam.

2. Did you know that plastic windows, you can adjust the degree of pressing the window to the frame?In another way, this option is called "summer" and "winter" mode.If you've noticed a slight blowing around the perimeter of the leaf, it is enough to make the window close tightly.This can cause the handle or the master himself.

  • Find all the pins (locking mechanisms) on the leaf.They may be round or oval.They can be placed around the perimeter of the window, but they need to translate all together, otherwise damage may occur.
  • Turn the spigot.Depending on your hardware you may need hexagon screwdriver or pliers.Turn each pin in the best possible position (most likely in a clockwise direction).
  • Check the result.Close the window.If the knob is hard to turn, the window was closed tighter.

Winter mode is recommended only when you need it.When a snug fit window shutters seal quickly wears out.If the transfer mode in the winter does not work, it's time to replace the seal.It's very easy.Buy a new seal for plastic windows, remove the oldest of the slots and insert a new one.All of your plastic windows no longer blowing.

3. Most worryingly, when a few years begins to blow not out of plastic windows , and from the slopes, or window sill.This suggests that over time, wear and foam between the window and the wall formed voids and crevices.We'll have to take off the slopes, dismantle the sill, to find these cracks and fill them with sealant or assembly foam. serious event, but it is necessary to preserve the heat in the house.

Another common problem - the formation of condensation on the plastic windows.Why is "cry" box and how to avoid it, read our article.

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