Animal house

Design solutions for the benefit of the owner and to the delight of animal

animals is very difficult to keep in the same room - they are mobile, energetic and want the freedom of action.Therefore, you have to make some changes to the interior of almost the entire house (apartment): entrance hall, kitchen, living room.For example, from the flooring to the living room or bedroom is better to choose a laminate of high wear resistance, not carpet.To the animal does not get dirty walls, lay tile to the required level of the floor, and then decorate the wall wallpaper, paint or decorative panels.Get the original and practical.When choosing interior doors, ask about coverage and the material from which made door.If you have "clawed" four-legged friend, will approach the doors of pine and decorated with natural oak veneer.This door will look beautiful (especially if it is covered with lacquer without shine) and does not suffer from the playful animal attacks.On such surfaces traces of teeth and claws less n

oticeable.To avoid

fight wallpaper, deterioration of upholstered furniture, curtains and other troubles, from the first days of stay in a house pet to properly organize his personal space.

  • For cats need to set aside some space for a house, a special climbing frame (to climb and ride on top and lay), toilet pan and eating areas.You will also need a scratching post that will save your furniture and wallpaper from "attack" cat.Do not forget about the different toys: fur mice, balls, sticks with feathers and so forth.
  • For dogs need bench or mat, baskets, bowls for water and food safe rubber toys.Dressing tray needs a small breed dogs that are almost all the time in the house.And in most cases, the owners walk their pets on the street.
  • For hamsters, rats and other rodents - strong and desirable a large cage with a house, drinkers, feeders, tunnels, wheel (in order to maintain the physical health of the animal).
  • Bird need a cell (preferably large), drinking bowl, a few tree branches, toys (mirrors, bells, and so on. D.).
  • Reptile (eg, turtles) need aquaterrarium with a log, which has a hollow, as the turtles love to watch the outside world from a secret hiding place.Over terrarium position the UV lamp, and beneath it a small "island" - a favorite place for gatherings of reptiles.

struggle with boredom, or your pet is left alone at home

to your four-legged friend is not bored alone, according to psychologists, it is best to buy it, for example, a second cat or dog.But as long as your pet is home alone, leaving the house, you can leave it edible toys, which distract from the boredom animal for several hours.Pre-play with your pet, then a happy dog ​​or cat will have only one desire - to rest and sleep.Scattered throughout the house toys your pet, you can even put on the floor a few of his old things - your smell coming from these things, will act on the animal reassuringly.

When you are near the pet, pay attention to him, to walk, play and communicate with him.After spending time as you receive a positive charge, and the animal will not feel lonely.And do not forget that we are responsible for those who tamed.

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