How to paint the walls with stripes?

1. Select the type of bands

Would you like to look more spacious room, or to the ceiling seem higher?In accordance with the task, select which band you will draw: horizontal or vertical.Horizontal stripes on the wall give the illusion of more volume, and vertical - height.

2. Choose two colors

Try vertical stripes on the walls of the two colors.For painting walls choose, as a rule, latex paint , as it is easy to apply and has a large variety of shades.

First apply a base coat on the wall - it is better first to apply a lighter tone.

3. Make measurements

Once you have applied to the walls of the base coat and waited for the right amount of time to paint has dried, it's time to accurately measure all.Measure the walls start from the corner - these areas are the least likely to be noticeable in the future.Then divide the wall in the strip of recommended width of designers - from 10 to 30 cm.

4. Use masking tape

to paint the walls in a strip, you need to stick masking tape over the ent

ire length of the wall and make a mark on it, which willnavigate spacing vertical stripes.In order to ensure the accuracy of striping, use a laser level.Stick tape on those areas where it should remain a basic color.

How to paint the walls with stripes?

5. Paint second color

Once all the strips are glued tape, slide the roller to the edge of the belt fit snugly to the wall and never retreated.Now you can paint.Make sure you paint over each band.

When the painting is completed, remove the masking tape immediately, without waiting until the paint dries.Otherwise, the ink may soak through the belt and damage of a different color bands.Now you can enjoy the result of the work!

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