How to dry hawthorn?

Hawthorn - a valuable source of vitamins, improves health and important for the functioning of the body.Vitamin C fights viruses and boosts our immune system, beta-carotene is essential for vision, muscles and proper metabolism, vitamins A and E protect us from the harmful effects of adverse external factors.

also provide useful hawthorn fruit acids for the body, it has a calming effect, a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, regulates blood sugar levels.Hawthorn prepare for the winter, all winter you can add them to the tea and cook delicious and healthy concoctions that will help you maintain health and good spirits throughout the winter.And we are happy to tell you, like dried hawthorn in the winter.

How to dry hawthorn

Hawthorn berries are harvested from the end of September, and up to the frost.When picking pluck plates with fruit, whole.Before like dried hawthorn, shields terminated, remove the stem and unripe or damaged fruit.Dried hawthorn in the sun, in the ovens or special k

ilns at temperatures up to 50-60 ° C, or simply in a warm room.When drying in the sun scatter the fruits in groups of 4-5 kg ​​so as to layer them was not too thick.If you dry hawthorn fruit in the oven, be careful that the door is ajar and was constantly went out excess moisture.

In order to determine whether over-drying the berries, fruits, take a handful and squeeze.If the fruit are gathered into a ball, then the berries still have juice, which they and glues, and should even dry.If the berries are scattered and lay alone, drying over.

If you are properly dried hawthorn, its berries are bright red-brown color.This means that all the beneficial properties it has retained.Stored dried hawthorn in woven bags or bags made of paper, providing ventilation.Store dried hawthorn can be 2 years.

Eating dried hawthorn

Dried hawthorn fruit can be added to tea and coffee.Also from them prepare flavorful vitamin infusions and decoctions, which is useful to drink at night - then you will sleep strong restful sleep.Dried hawthorn berries can be crushed into flour and add to the dough for sweet pies.Dough from this will be fragrant and will get a pleasant sour taste.You can make a tincture of hawthorn on the vodka or cognac, and use it as an effective sedative for nervous stress, stress and insomnia.

Allow to fill the winter supply of vitamins and viburnum.From it, too, can prepare the infusion, but you likely will scare away the bitter taste of the drink.They taste best jam viburnum , especially if you use it as a filling for pies.

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