Paint the walls with latex paint: technology secrets

Currently, latex paint is becoming more popular and in demand in the repair work.The reason is that this type of paint is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless to health.This paint allows to get any shade of color by adding her callers, which in terms of variety of colors is extremely large.Therefore decoration vodoemulsionku perfect.

Paint the walls with latex paint includes two phases - preparation and proper application of paint.

Preparation of paint

First of all, you need to prepare the paint to be applied to the wall.For this purpose it is necessary to add regular water, and the resulting mixture was thoroughly mixed.For this purpose, you can use a mixer or whisk building for the drill.Water-based paint does not corrode skin, so if there is no mechanical tools, you can mix the paint with his hands.Optimum for painting the walls will be the consistency of milk or cream.If you plan to paint on one layer - the consistency of liquid sour cream.

Adding caramel

The resulting mixture can be added to a white color scheme.It is recommended to be administered in small doses, carefully stirring, to get exactly the shade of the color that you want.Make sure that the total weight of the ink did not remain divorces caramel.It should also be remembered that the liquid material for painting has a brighter shade.After drying the walls, their color becomes less intense for a few tones.To paint the walls of each room is necessary to prepare one batch of paint.

Tools for painting walls with latex paint

to work, you can use a paint roller to cover the walls and the molar brush for corners.Buying roller, pay special attention to his coat.For painting walls with latex paint best like roller fur coat.

technology painting walls with latex paint

Prepared paint is poured into a tray, which dipped roller.Roller for painting it is necessary to wring out of the ribbed surface of the tray, ensuring accurate application of paint on the surface of the walls.

latex paint is applied in two or three layers.Do not wait to the previous layer has dried up.The layers were deposited on each other, "wet."But it is necessary to take into account the important thing that determines the quality of the painted surface.If you wish to apply latex paint in two layers, the first layer should be applied only in the horizontal, and the second - strictly vertically.If it is decided vodoemulsionku applied in three layers, in which case the following order: first layer - on a vertical, second - horizontally, the third - again vertically.

in two layers is recommended to paint the walls otshpaklevannye areas, and three layers of paint wallpaper is usually used for painting.

When standard height ceilings in the room, 16 square.m, you will need 6-8 liters of water-based paint.

clear implementation of our recommendations, optimistic and self-confidence will make your repair joyful, pleasant and not at all complicated.

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